Rooney reveals he gave Depay a ‘talking to’ after Dutch star turned up to Man Utd game in a Rolls Royce and cowboy hat

WAYNE ROONEY has revealed he once gave Memphis Depay a “talking to” after he turned up to a game in a cowboy hat.

The retired footballer was covering the Netherlands’ clash against France at Euro 2024 when he remembered the moment.

AFPWayne Rooney had to once give Memphis Depay a talking to at Man United[/caption]

Zenpix LtdThe Dutchman arrived at a reserve match in his Rolls Royce[/caption]

Rooney, 38, played with Depay during his time at Manchester United.

However, the pair clashed as the Dutchman once arrived at a reserve match driving a Rolls Royce and wearing a cowboy hat.

Rooney was not pleased by the forward’s appearance and confronted him about it.

Speaking on the BBC, he said: “Firstly, uou could never knock his work rate.

“In training, he worked really hard every single day in order to prove himself.

“It was made more of a few things off the pitch I have spoken about.

“I was at a reserve game once being a bit lowkey, and he turned up in a Rolls Royce and a cowboy hat.

“I had to speak to him, so that was Memphis.”


Depay has spoken about his time in Manchester as he claimed he “earned” his sucess.

Speaking in a documentary tracking him and his life, the 30-year-old winger said: “My whole life is upside down.

“They talk about the headlines in papers, me wearing a hat and all the f***ing s***.

“They say, in Manchester I flopped. But let’s go, man. I drive a Rolls Royce, this is my life.

“I was not given anything, I have earned it all with both feet. I am not good, I am not bad. Just don’t forget to check my past, check my scars.

“I am a lion, I am a king. I have fashion in my blood and only big dreams. I don’t care what people think about me.

“It is my life and if I am the black sheep, so it is. I do what I want anyway.”

Depay left Old Trafford in 2017 and rebuilt his career in Lyon.

After four years in France, he made the move to Barcelona and, after two seasons, joined Atletico Madrid in 2023.


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