Viral Pictures Show Ex-Bills OC Brian Daboll’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has undergone a dramatic transformation this offseason.

The New York Giants head coach and his wife, Beth, both showed off significant weight loss when attending a celebration of the team’s 100th year. Images of the pair on the red carpet at “New York Giants 100: A Night with Legends,” held June 20 in New York City, grabbed some viral attention, and Daboll earned plenty of praise for his big change.

Inspiring: #Giants HC Brian Daboll and his wife Beth have had a crazy weight transformation this offseason 👏

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Brian Daboll Opened Up About Weight Loss

Daboll, who was named head coach of the Giants in 2022 after a successful stint leading the offense in Buffalo, had spoken to reporters about his weight loss journey at the team’s minicamp in May. Daboll downplayed the transformation at the time, saying he didn’t believe it was that big a change.

“I don’t know about that one. It’s like throwing a chair off of a yacht. That’s where I’m at,” said Daboll, via the New York Post.

While the images of Brian and Beth Daboll attracted attention, it’s actually been a long weight-loss journey for the Giants head coach. Daboll initially dropped close to 50 pounds in the months after taking the job in New York, telling New York Post reporter Ian O’Connor that it started as the result of a bet.

“Daboll explained that he dropped the weight as part of an in-house bet with a colleague,” O’Connor reported. “He is a competitor, after all, and he wanted to win the competition. Daboll felt better as a lighter version of his old self, but to a coaching lifer, the rhythms of a football season are, well, the rhythms of a football season.”

Daboll acknowledged that it wasn’t a perfect journey. After initially dropping close to 50 pounds, Daboll said he regained about 20 pounds.

The rigors of an NFL coaching job have not helped. Tony Grossi of noted that Daboll first started gaining weight while working as an assistant with the Browns, a lifestyle that left little room for exercise and proper diet.

“He’d pore over film until 2 or 3 in the morning with Whoppers and soft drinks. He slept little and exercised less,” Grossi wrote. “But the team turned around late and won its last four games. Daboll’s personal turnaround continued in the offseason. He lost 65 pounds by eating better and exercising more.”

Brian Daboll’s Former Boss Earned Praise for Fitness

Daboll’s former boss, Bills head coach Sean McDermott, has also earned some attention for his fitness, though at the other end of the spectrum. The crew of the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” named him the No. 2 fittest head coach in the league last year, and McDermott has opened up about the healthy habits he tries to keep despite a busy schedule.

“It’s part of the competitive edge,” he said, via the Buffalo News. “My wife knows, there are two things, if Sean McDermott doesn’t work out or isn’t well-rested – and I’m usually not well-rested during the season – she’ll tell me, ‘Hey, you need to get a workout or a nap. You’re not right right now.’

“There are so many stressors on our minds and bodies and our spirits in this profession, or in life right now, that you’re able to put your health first. If you’re not right, then you can’t expect your team to be right.”

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