Watch brutal moment MMA fighter is rejected by girlfriend after proposing in ring immediately after defeat

AN MMA fighter suffered a double defeat as he saw a marriage proposal REJECTED in the aftermath of a loss.

The brutal moment occurred at the Clash of the Stars tournament in the Czech Republic.

An MMA fighter saw his marriage proposal rejected in the octagonInstagram / clashofthestars

The brawler had just lost a 2vs1 fight when he made the bold moveInstagram / clashofthestars

His girlfriend rejected the ring in front of 20,000 peopleInstagram / clashofthestars

Local MMA star Lukas Bukovaz teamed up with Patrik Horvath for a two-on-one fight against Jan Michalek.

They were strong favourites after doubling up on their unlucky opponent.

But amazingly, Michalek humiliated both men to secure victory on his own.

After the fight, Bukovaz decided to take the plunge in front of 20,000 fans and propose to his girlfriend in the octagon.

The brawler got down on one knee before popping the question.

But his girlfriend didn’t appear too keen as she held her face in her hand.

Looking embarrassed, she then took the microphone before delivering a devastating blow.

She said: “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not.


“I don’t think so.”

This saw the crowd erupt in boos as heartbroken Bukovaz stared at the floor in bewilderment.

Reports then emerged suggesting his girlfriend later claimed to the crowd that he had cheated on her.

Bukovaz denied the accusations of being unfaithful in a clip on social media, claims the Mail.

But fans could not resist commenting on his brutal double blow.

One said: “Talk about taking the double L, sorry for that guy.”

Another noted: “Two losses in two mins, rough for broski.”

One noted: “That’s a bad night in anyone’s books.”

Another added: “He could have saved it until he won a fight.”

Instagram / bukyyyssLukas Bukovaz was accused of cheating by his partner[/caption]

Instagram / bukyyyssThe Czech fighter denies being unfaithful[/caption]

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