Watch German riot cop floor football fan with huge punch after supporter ‘threw bottle at police’ ahead of Euros clash

RIOT police in Germany knocked a fan to the floor following a confrontation in Berlin ahead of Poland vs Austria.

Video circulating online appears to show a police officer punch a fan in the face before attempting to restrain him on the floor.

Polish fan vs German Police

— Football Fights (@footbalIfights) June 22, 2024

Polish fan threw a bottle at the police in Berlin

— Football Fights (@footbalIfights) June 21, 2024

x @footbalIfightsVideo shows a fan preparing to launch a beer towards a number of riot police officers[/caption]

x @footbalIfightsThe fan throws the beer in their direction[/caption]

x @footbalIfightsHe then appeared to confront the officers[/caption]

x @footbalIfightsA different angle shows an officer then grabbing the fan and landing a huge punch on his face[/caption]

x @footbalIfightsThe hit knocks the supporter to the ground[/caption]

x @footbalIfightsThe fan is quickly restrained by a number of cops[/caption]

Reports have suggested that the fan had thrown a bottle at the officer, however video seems to show that the supporter threw a plastic cup full of beer in the officer’s direction.

The clip shows the fan make his way around a large group of people with a beer in his hand before launching it at the officer.

The rowdy supporter then appears to move towards the officers as if to confront them.

But is quickly made to regret his decision when an officer grabs hold of him and punches him in the face.


The huge hit packed enough force to knock the fan over a bench and down to the ground.

The bruised supporter then appeared to be restrained by the officer and number of his colleagues who came in to assist him.

Other fans watched on as the melee took place, while riot cops ushered crowds away from the scene.

It’s not known why the police were present at the beer garden.


Poland took on Austria in Berlin yesterday, falling to a second consecutive defeat at Euro 2024.

And their defeat made them the first team to exit the competition despite still having another group game to play.

While Austria have given themselves an outside chance of progressing from Group D with a clash against the Netherlands up next on Tuesday.

A Polish fan attending the game last night was rushed to hospital after falling from the stands at the Olympic Stadium.

According to Yahoo, the man “fell three metres into a ditch between the tribune and the infield”.

It is understood he was briefly unconscious, before medics took him away to hospital.

ReutersPoland became the first team to be knocked out of Euro 2024 yesterday[/caption]

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