What happens if a player touches a ball in snooker?

THE aim of a snooker game is to pot the balls using a cue stick – but there could be consequences if a player touches it with their hands.

Ronnie O’Sullivan is locked in a nail-biting quarter-final World Championship 2024 encounter with Stuart Bingham.

PABingham (L) and O’Sullivan (R) are facing off in a huge World Championship match[/caption]

And right before Bingham conceded a fourth frame, the Englishman touched the ball with his hand during gameplay.

But did he receive a penalty for doing this?

What happens if a player touches a ball in snooker?

Snooker players are only allowed to touch the ball with their hands on a foul or before the break

If either player should touch any ball in play, he shall be penalised as if he were the striker without affecting the order of play.

The ball touched shall be replaced by eh referee, to his satisfaction, if necessary, even if it was picked up.

The next player may ask if the referee intends to replace balls other than the cue-ball if he should ask for the stroke to be played from the original position, and the referee shall state his intentions.

Did Stuart Bingham receive a penalty for touching the ball?

Stuart Bingham did NOT receive a penalty for touching the ball during gameplay.

This is due to Bingham already conceding the frame in his match with Ronnie O’Sullivan.

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