11 tricks psychologists say can help you manage anxiety and stress at work

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Sixty-eight percent of Americans report moderate to high levels of work-related stress, according to a 2018 survey from tech company Wrike.
Dealing with stress at work is even more difficult for people diagnosed with anxiety.
How can people with anxiety manage work? Marla Deibler, a licensed clinical psychologist, says that above all, people with anxiety shouldn’t limit themselves.
Other ways to manage anxiety include practicing mindfulness and pushing yourself to connect with others.
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Work-related stress is anything but uncommon.

Some 68% of Americans report experiencing moderate to high levels of stress on the job, according to a 2018 survey from tech company Wrike.

Navigating the workplace can be even more difficult for individuals dealing with anxiety. In fact, anxiety, along with often co-occurring depression, is a leading cause of disability, research shows.

So what can someone with anxiety do to help themselves be more comfortable at work?

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1. The most important thing is to not change the way you live.

Above all, people with anxiety should avoid limiting themselves, according to Marla Deibler, licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia.

“Those who struggle with anxiety should strive to fully participate in life, despite their bodily experience of anxiety — anywhere at anytime,” Deibler says. “Being willing to fully experience themselves and their private experiences (thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, etc.) and being accepting of that range of experiences, while continuing to act on with what is important to them, will lead them to in the direction of ceasing the struggle with anxiety.”

Deibler provided Business Insider with some other crucial tips — from symptom management strategies to changing your entire mindset — for handling anxiety in the workplace.

2. Don’t suppress your anxiety.

Stifling your feelings is counterproductive.

“Everyone experiences anxiety,” Deibler says. “It is a normal response to stress. Let it in when it shows up. Practice acceptance. Rather than trying to push it away (which tends to be futile, resulting in feeling more overwhelmed and less in control), make room for anxiety. It is showing up to try to bring your attention to something.”

Deibler says that, by allowing space for some anxiety at work, you’ll render it less bothersome in the long run.

3. Be mindful.

Check in with yourself once in a while.

“Examine anxiety with curiosity when it shows up, rather than rejecting it,” Deibler says. “What do you notice when it shows up? What are you thinking and feeling?”

4. Invite anxiety along for the ride.

Confront your anxieties head on. If you’re nervous about public speaking, join a club to improve your skills. If you’re afraid of talking to your coworkers, try to strike up a conversation.

“Push yourself to enter situations that lead to anxiety in order to demonstrate to yourself that you can persevere and succeed despite anxiety,” Deibler says. “Exposing yourself to …read more

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