Billy Porter: If Trump gets a second term ‘America is done. Rome fell.’


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FX’s Pose star, Billy Porter, spoke to The Daily Beast right after he heard about his Emmy nomination for lead actor in a drama, his second after winning the category last year. He talked about his struggle to be seen as a gay Black man, how his masculinity has been question and what led him to embrace his queerness. He also stressed how important it is for the younger generation to be engaged in this year’s election. He said if Donald Trump gets a second term it will be the end to America as we know it. Here are a few excerpts:

On the trans actors in Pose being ignored for Emmys
“I have to hold space for all of it at the same time. Because essentially, as a Black gay man for the last 30 plus years of my life, I have gone unseen. So I know what it looks like. I know what it feels like. I know the pain that comes along with being unseen, with being dismissed, with being ignored. I have lived it until five and a half minutes ago. You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s literally just changed for me.”

On his masculinity being in question
“My masculinity has been in question from the moment I can comprehend thought… trying to be masculine enough to be acceptable on this planet, trying to be masculine enough so that so that I could get a job, so I could eat,”

“It’s easy to be who you are when what you are is what’s popular. Leaning into queerness, leaning into my gayness when there were no jobs on the horizon—when I had to file for bankruptcy, when I was hopping from sofa to sofa.”

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“I was never considered the sex symbol. I was never considered the pretty one. I was never considered the leading man.”

On AIDS activism and having to fight again for BLM
“We wanted to create a better life for our people—and we did it,”

“These kids never thought that their rights would go away—and their rights are going away. Everybody’s rights are going away… In a country that is built on taking rights away from people. On stolen land. And then stole a group of people to come over here and build the land for you; cultivate the land for you. And we’re still talking about rights!”

“I always joke—I tease and I joke, but you know truth comes out in jest… I say, ‘White people are mad now, so maybe something might get done…

“[If Trump gets a second term] America is done… Remember, Rome fell. Rome fell, motherf-ker! Don’t get cocky.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I love Billy Porter’s straight forward approach to speaking his truth. And he is right, many from the younger generation never saw losing their rights as an option. I hope that it will lead to the same increased turn out from the youth that we saw when Obama ran for office. I understand that many of us are …read more

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