Chelsea Houska: Hiding a Baby Bump? Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

Chelsea houska and family photo

Chelsea Houska is different from the other moms in the Teen Mom franchise in one very important way:’

While Jenelle Evans and company serve as dire cautionary tales, Chelsea is a walking happy ending.

Ever since Houska married Cole DeBoer, it’s seemed as though her life gets better with each passing year.

And now, Chelsea may be holding on to more good news:

Fans suspect that the South Dakota native is pregnant with her fourth child!

Yes, many Teen Mom obsessives have been poring over Chelsea’s most recent pics, and they’re convinced she’s concelina a baby bump.

Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself:

1. Knocked Up?

Fans think Chelsea Houska is trying (and failing) to conceal a baby bump in her latest photos. Many are now convinced that the Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her fourth child.

2. What to Expect When Chelsea’s Expecting

Now comes the time when fans begin dissecting Chelsea’s every social media post in search of signs that she’s got a bun in the oven.

3. Easing Off the ‘Gram

For one thing, Chelsea has been posting less frequently in general. This pic of her and husband Cole DeBoer is from nearly a week ago.

4. Give It Away Now

Houska’s most recent pic is this one, in which she poses with a camera she’s giving away. Fans have commented on what they feel is strategic cropping.

5. The Evidence?

Chelsea’s followers are pointing to scant “evidence,” such as this pic, in which they claim that Houska appears to be hiding a bump.

6. Bumpin’ Out

This is another recent photo of Chelsea. As you can see, she’s hanging out with friends — but fans zeroed right in n her midsection.

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