Colton Underwood Threatens Cassie Randolph: “You Like Playing Games, Huh?”

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on Social Media

In a word?


As previously reported, Cassie Randolph has been granted a restraining order against ex-boyfriend and ex-Bachelor lead Colton Underwood, who must now stay at least 100 yards away from Cassie, her home, her car and workplace at all times.

A hearing is scheduled for October 6, at which time this order will be revisited, and either extended or terminated.

In her court filing, Randolph accused Underwood of “stalking and harassing” her, allleging he often showed up at her house uninvited and even placed a tracking device on her car.

She even provided this device to a judge as part of her legal request.

Randolph — who dated Underwood for about two years after The Bachelor Season 23 ended and who split from the former virgin in April — also claimed Underwood texted her frequently, giving Cassie grief for supposedly reconciling with ex Caelan Tiongson.

He also threatened her on multiple occasions, Cassie says.

In one troubling instance, Underwood went off on Randolph yelled at for hanging Caelan Tiongson.

Cassie alleges Underwood threatened her by saying, “I am going to keep you accountable.”

Based on the filing, he “continued to repeatedly call and send text messages on the subject in the subsequent days.”

We wish we could say this was all, too.

After being spotted by Cassie’s brother outside his ex-girlfriend’s Huntington Beach home in June, Colton seemingly cops to the act via text and apologizes.

Randolph included a screen capture of this exchange, and others, along with her filong.

Underwood is also accused of using alias phone numbers to anonymously send harassing messages to Randolph, her friends and family members at various  hours of the day.

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The former NFL player allegedly sent himself messages pretending to also be a victim of the anonymous stalker.

“You like playing games huh? Let’s play some games then,” one text to Randolph read.

“Have your good time,” read another from the unknown phone number. “You’ll have nothing but regrets later with how you treat people.”

We can’t validate right now that these texts were sent by Colton, but, if they were?

Holy f-ck balls, dude.

After Randolph discovered a tracking device under the bumper of her vehicle, she contacted the cops and informed Underwood she was hiring a private investigator to find her stalker.

Underwood allegedly “admitted that he was the one who put the tracker on her car and had been the one sending text messages to her, her friends and himself, under the alias phone numbers described above.”

Colton then left to see some loved ones in Colorado.

He was there for about a month and, upon his return to Los Angeles, Randolph was frightened enough for her safety that she asked for this restraining order.

And here we are as a result, folks.

Reads the document:

Because of the history of his behavior which escalated from harassing and obsessive calls and messages, to obsessive walks to her apartment complex, to loitering outside her window at her parents home at [2 a.m.], to placing a tracking device, and the escalation in his conduct just before leaving for …read more

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