Rosemarie Vega Cracks Up Watching Big Ed Brown Slather Hair in Mayonnaise

Rosemarie vega cracks up watching big ed brown slather hair in m

Big Ed Brown is “striking back” at cricis on the new 90 Day Fiance spinoff, B90 Strikes Back, which seems bound to further inflate his ego.

In a sneak peek, Ed explains his infamous mayonnaise hair … while viewers watch Rosemarie crack up seeing it for the first time.

TLC knew exactly who would make an ideal sneak peek star to tease B90 Stikes Back — the man who loves the spotlight the most.

First, he has to explain the robe that he is choosing to wear while recording himself at home.

“I got this while exploring during furniture manufacturing in China in 2008,” Ed recalls.

He explains that he purchased the kimono “because it’s soft, it’s warm.”

Then he gets down to business.

Ed made a huge first impression on viewers by slathering his hair with mayonnaise on camera.

“I’ve never gotten more sh-t in my life for anything I’ve ever done in my life than the mayo scene,” Ed expresses.

“My biggest fear after watching this scene,” he confesses, “is that my face will be on a jar of mayo. Oh god.”

Viewers of this sneak peek are then treated to footage of Ed’s mayonnaise treatments of his hair.

He explains that the dyes that he used for his hair to make himself look younger — ostensibly for Rosemarie — irritate his scalp.

He learned that mayonnaise can soothe that, which is why he does this.

But we are not the only ones watching Ed spread a condoment on top of his head.

Rosemarie Vega knows Ed better than any of us could hope to — or would necessarily want to.

They were on an online relationship with each other. Eventually, they slept together.

But Rose had never seen this side of Ed.

In fact, she admits that she had never seen the footage of Ed putting mayonnaise on his head until just now.

“Uh Ed, oh my goodness,” Rosemarie comments during her own B90 Strikes Back footage.

“Why you take mayonnaise to your hair?” she exclaims.

This is when Rose confesses: “It’s my first time to see it.”

Remember, not everyone — especially those with hurt feelings — watch the season as it airs.

Rose was not the only one to be bewildered and entertained.

The B90 Strikes Back sneak peek clip also includes footage from Pillow Talk from that episode.

There, 90 Day Fiance fan favorites David and Annie Toborowsky watched Ed undergo his self-care treatment.

Annie exclaimed that Ed looked like he had draped a massive condom over his head.

Annie and David were joined in their bewilderment by a fan tweet — yes, those come up in this show.

The tweet wonders if Big Ed is even aware of the fact that conditioner exists.

This is when Ed starts explaining himself.

Basically, he doesn’t like how meny smells are in conditioner, or the various “chemicals.”

Though all physical things, from his robe to mayonnaise, are made up of chemicals, Ed wants pure ingredients.

His reasoning is that if he feels fine putting mayonnaise onto a sandwich that he eats, it is safe on his hair.

The same cannot be said of conditioner.

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