Selena Gomez: Makeup isn’t a joke it’s actually beautiful and wonderful


Selena Gomez has one of those awesome Vogue videos showing her routine. I was going to give this to Oya because she’s been so great at covering these (see her Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Kat Graham and Rihanna videos plus she’s a legit makeup artist) but then I watched the video and really wanted to talk about it. Plus Oya just covered Selena’s cute video with Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials. In her Vogue video Selena’s skin looks so dewy and her makeup is so gorgeous afterwards! Selena is promoting her Rare Beauty makeup line, which is available on her website. (Not a paid promotion)

First of all, Selena is quite young so her skin is lovely but she also takes good care of it. She achieves this kind of aspirational glowy look that I’d love to copy. I don’t watch enough YouTube makeup tutorials because I find them intimidating honestly. When I do watch them they seem complicated and I feel like I have to buy so many products. So this helped me a lot. For face makeup she uses foundation and then liquid blush on her cheekbones followed by bronzer then highlighter. I haves similar products except for liquid blush, which I just bought. Everyone is talking about her technique for doing a perfect cat eye, which is just to outline the corners first then fill them in. That’s at 7 minutes into the video below, but for me the takeaway is her gorgeous face work. (A lot of that is beauty, genetics and youth but I’m still going to try.)

Here’s some of what she said and the video is below:

She has dry skin with acne in her t-zone.

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She uses Tacha The Dewy Skin cream.

She follows that with The Drunk Elephant sunscreen. She needs to avoid the sun due to her lupus.

She uses her Rare Beauty line’s weightless foundation and concealer. She follows that with their liquid blush.

She uses Benefit Hoola bronzer to frame her face and under her chin.

Her eyeshadow palette is by Marc Jacobs. She then uses her Rare Beauty liquid eyeliner.

She applies her Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer under her eyes and on her nose and in the little middle area above her lips. Then she blots with her Touch and Go kit and applies powder with a puff to set.

She uses one of her lip souffles in red and then a refresher spray.

[From YouTube]

I’m going to copy Oya’s format here and mention that my highlighter is Charlotte Tillbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, which is insanely expensive. That’s one of the products I just had to have after watching a makeup tutorial by Hot and Flashy, which is why I avoid YouTube tutorials so I won’t buy all the things. There are plenty of other liquid highlighters that are less expensive and surely look just as nice, like L’oreal Lumi Glotion. Watching this inspired me to buy a liquid blush. Before …read more

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