‘Big Brother’ Winner Jackson Michie Is Engaged

<p>Tennessee native Jackson Michie controversially won <em><a href=”https://cheatsheet.com/tag/big-brother”>Big Brother</a> 21</em> in 2019 and has since largely disappeared from the <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/tag/reality-tv”>reality TV</a> community. He recently got engaged to a Tennessee local, Caitlin Goodrich.</p>

<h2 id=”h-big-brother-winner-jackson-michie-is-engaged-to-caitlin-goodrich”><strong>‘Big Brother’ winner Jackson Michie is engaged to Caitlin Goodrich</strong></h2>

<p>In September 2019, Jackson Michie won <em>Big Brother 21</em> and began dating his showmance from the season, runner-up Holly Allen. The two lived together in a California-based apartment before calling it quits in June 2020.</p>

<p>He later appeared to move on with Netflix’s <em>Cheer</em> star Morgan Morgan Simianer in January 2021, and they had a short fling before he moved back to his native Tennessee. It’s unclear when he began dating Caitlin Goodrich but <a href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/ClmGpZtpHqR/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>his first post with her</a> dates to November 2022.</p>

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<p>He wished her a happy birthday to Ruth B.s “Dandelions” with a montage featuring several clips of the couple throughout their time together in various locations, including the beach and a baseball game. Based on the number of pictures in different places, it appears as though the couple has dated for several months. The reality star captioned it, “happy birthday to my person. I love you and am so thankful for you.”</p>

<p>Four months later, <a href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/Cp5lJKqJxov/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Michie proposed to his girlfriend</a> on a patio in front of a wooden cross overlooking the Tennessee-based Smokey Mountains. He posted six pictures capturing the March 2023 engagement, including a couple of her showing off her engagement ring. “God blessed me more than I deserve. I get to marry my best friend, and I couldn’t imagine doing life or serving The Kingdom with anyone else. I love you,” Michie captioned it. Not much is known about Goodrich, as her Instagram account is private.</p>

<h2><strong>Michie never publicly spoke on breakup with ‘Big Brother’ showmance Holly Allen</strong></h2>

<p>In June 2020, Allen and Michie announced their breakup with Instagram posts.</p>

<p>A month later, she appeared on a podcast and claimed he wanted to reveal their split before she was ready, making the separation more challenging for her.</p>

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<p>Additionally, the runner-up claimed he broke up with her without an apparent reason, forcing her to find another place to live during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the CBS reality TV star, she and Michie went through a difficult time after the show due to the viewers’ reactions to his behavior in the house.</p>

<p>She noted they relied on each other, causing their other relationships to suffer. Additionally, Allen admitted their age difference and different life experiences might have played a role. Michie hasn’t publicly spoken about the reason behind their split.</p>

<h2><strong>Where has Michie been since his split with Allen?</strong></h2>

<p>Following their breakup, he largely disappeared from the <em>Big Brother</em> community while she stayed a part of it, most recently attending co-star Christie Murphy’s wedding in April 2022.</p>

<p>After his rumored fling with Simianer ended, Michie revealed he and his dog Sahara were attacked by other dogs around April 2021, resulting in surgery and physical therapy.</p>

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<p>After relocating back to Nashville, Tennessee, in November 2021, Michie got involved with his church, getting baptized in August 2022.</p>

<p>He has since begun posting workout content with Bible verses in the captions. It appears Michie met his now-fiance Goodrich at the church, so the two likely began dating sometime in 2022.</p>

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