13 things that should never surprise a boss

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There are certain things that should never surprise a boss, from employees leaving to when a new hire won’t last.
Good managers know the signs to watch for, and keep in constant communication with their reports.
Here are the 13 things that should not surprise a good manager.
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Good bosses don’t need to spy on their employees to know if they’re thinking about quitting.

Certain things should never surprise a good boss. While employees will try to keep their dissatisfaction at work or external job interviews under wraps, managers should know the signs long before they get a resignation letter. 

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On the flip side, managers shouldn’t be surprised when an employee asks for a raise or more responsibility. Good bosses should make sure to communicate regularly with direct reports so that nothing about an employee’s behavior comes as a surprise.

Here are 13 things that should never come as a surprise to bosses: 

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When an employee quits

If you’re blindsided by an employee’s departure, you’re doing something wrong. 

Employees ideally should feel comfortable telling their managers if they feel unhappy or unsatisfied, says Julie Zhuo, author and vice president of product design at Facebook. Unexpected departures can also cause serious disruption to business operations and profits. 

Zhuo recommends checking in with employees regularly so you can have a better sense when employees feel dissatisfied: “I wouldn’t want to be surprised and think that somehow they were perfectly happy and that everything was roses when they announced that they’re going to do something else,” Zhou told Business Insider.

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When an employee hates you

If you can’t detect when employees hate them or feel unhappy with your management, there’s a problem.

Although employees work hard to keep their true feelings about a boss secret, managers should be on the lookout for subtle signs there’s dissatisfaction among their ranks (signs range from a lack of eye contact to refusing to smile at you).

Learning when your employees don’t like you can prevent them from quitting and boost productivity, international business speaker and author Michael Kerr told Business Insider. “If your employees are beginning to sound like your moody teenager, then that’s a pretty big red flag,” he said.

When an employee is bored

Good managers always know when employees are spending more time scrolling social media or internet shopping than working.

Employees that are constantly bored will have more of an incentive to quit, Lynn Taylor, workplace expert and author of “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant,” told Business Insider. If an employee tries telling you they no longer feel challenged, you’d be better off taking them seriously.

When your employee fails

Employees want to be challenged, so setting them up for failure may help them in the long run.

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