Gov't Shutdown National Parks

The federal government is partially shut down over funding President Donald Trump’s border wall.
Some government employees are not getting paid during the shutdown and are struggling to make ends meet.
Individuals and companies are pitching in to help them by offering free meals and services.

The government has been shut down for 20 days as President Trump and Democrats fight over funding a border wall, making it the second-longest shutdown of the modern budgeting era.

National parks are overflowing with garbage, food safety inspections are stalled, people can’t get their tax refunds, and airport workers, along with other federal employees, are working without compensation or are not able to work at all.

As federal employees go another day without pay with no compromise in sight, individuals and companies alike are stepping in to offer free meals and services to those in need.

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Here are seven heartwarming ways people are helping government workers.

Stefano’s Pizza Express in Pharr, Texas, is offering free food to government employees.

Stefano’s is offering free 10 and 14-inch pizzas, calzones, Philly cheesesteaks, and other menu items to federal employees affected by the shutdown “until further notice.”

“You guys are amazing,” one commenter wrote. “Thank you for helping those who have been affected by the president’s actions. Every federal employee should be honored by this gesture of kindness out of your hearts.”

A federal employee who took his dog to the vet during the shutdown received a bill for zero dollars.

Reddit user mac_is_crack posted a photo of the bill their husband received from a veterinarian after taking their dog Princess in for an appointment. Her husband, a USDA employee, had mentioned to the vet that he was furloughed due to the shutdown. He was surprised to find that the vet had waived all fees on the subsequent bill.

A Texas restaurant is selling tacos to federal employees for one dollar.

GuideLive reports that Twisted Trompo in Dallas, Texas, is selling its Mother Flaming Tacos to federal employees for one dollar until the government reopens.

“Helping out others like this makes this country great,” one Facebook user commented on the restaurant’s post.

Michael Moore is offering free movies and refreshments at two Michigan theaters for government employees and their families.

It’s not much, but I’ve opened up my two movie theaters in Michigan for free to all federal government employees and their families. Popcorn and pop is free, too. The bigger issue: Trump must end his shutdown now.

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) January 9, 2019

People on Twitter applauded Moore for giving those without work or pay a way to de-stress.

What a nice gesture, somewhere to get a laugh and lose some stress for a couple hours!! And free movie popcorn 🍿? The best👍

— Deb Harter (@HarterDeb) January 9, 2019

Maybe this will inspire others that …read more

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7 heartwarming ways people are helping federal employees during the government shutdown

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