After 20 years of camping trips big and small, I have my essential packing list down to a science — here’s what I always bring

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Camping trips require extensive planning to ensure you’ll have everything you need whether you plan to go off-the-grid or drive to a nearby campsite.
If you’re opting to head out on a serious backpacking trip and carrying all of your gear while hiking miles for days on end, you’ll likely need to pack lighter than this list and bring a few more heavy-duty items.
However, for car campers or those doing a short hike to a designated campsite, this list will help guide you through an easy checklist of necessary items so you’re fully prepared, from campsite gear to cookware to clothes and toiletries.
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There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows with friends or family, and looking up at a blanket of stars before snuggling into a cozy sleeping bag and being serenaded to sleep by nature’s symphony. Whether you’re itching for some time away from a big city or just want to connect with nature, camping is the ultimate reminder that sometimes simple and rugged living can be the most enjoyable.

After many people have spent months indoors following lockdowns due to the novel coronavirus, getting outdoors and exploring wide open spaces may sound particularly divine. Some may also feel safer camping in their own tent right now where it’s much easier to practice social distancing than at a hotel.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that without a vaccine there’s no guarantee of safety when it comes to any travel. And unless you plan to do backcountry camping and carry in absolutely everything you’ll need, there’s a good chance you may be using some public camping facilities. It’s vital to follow best practices from the CDC and WHO and read up on any state travel restrictions if you plan to camp outside of your home state. The CDC also has guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities that you can read up on here.

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Additionally, consider that many national and state parks closed during lockdowns and are now doing slow, phased reopenings. Not every park will be open or at full capacity right now.

If you’re new to camping, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared with a proper packing list. Growing up in New Mexico, I spent many weekends of my childhood pitching a tent with my family and making homemade breakfast burritos on a camp stove in the morning. My love affair with the outdoors has continued and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gone on more ambitious trips, tackling long treks in Patagonia and rafting down the Grand Canyon. While every trip is different and requires its own specific items, I’ve gotten my go-to starter packing list down to a science.

What to consider

Who’s all camping?

This list is a great starting point for car campers and tent-pitching newbies but you’ll want to make sure you create your own specific …read more

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