Airbnb vs. Vrbo vs. HomeAway: Here’s how each vacation home rental service works, plus their cancellation and coronavirus policies

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As travelers return to travel following the novel coronavirus, many are likely to choose private lodging options over far-flung trips in order to promote social distancing.
Companies like Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo are all private vacation home rental platforms implementing new COVID-19 policies to keep travelers safe.
We’ve broken down the differences between Airbnb, HomeAway, and Vrbo by looking at search filters, booking policies, cleanliness guidelines, and updated protocols surrounding the guest experience.
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When you’re booking a vacation, choosing to stay with a trusted company or provider is essential. This is especially true as the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, which continues to make travel unpredictable.

And while we’re big fans of hotels — and have definitely logged enough nights reviewing them — the lodging landscape, in particular, has felt the ramifications of the pandemic. Many brands from boutique to big-name have had to adapt quickly, including by changing how they think about hotel design and implementing stringent new policies.

Prior to the pandemic, a certain type of traveler might have preferred hotels over Airbnbs as their primary lodging choice. But now, as social distancing becomes the norm, many are likely to rethink that approach. That’s because when you book an entire home, it’s sheltered from interaction with staff and other travelers. They also make for easy driveable getaways.

Plus, booking a local home or apartment offers added residential comfort with the full amenities of home (or, you know, a castle), in addition to contactless amenities like self-check-in.

But vacation home rental options aren’t limited to just Airbnb. Other sites, like HomeAway and Vrbo, are credible companies that operate with the same idea: homeowners rent out properties they’re not using to travelers looking for a place to stay. These sites all offer plenty of options ranging from quirky tiny homes to super-luxe chalets. Do note, however, that HomeAway is actually part of Vrbo, so the sites often share overlapping listings and policies. In fact, the two platforms will merge under Vrbo this summer.

While there are, understandably, many concerns about whether travel is safe right now, these platforms are all implementing strict new policies (just keep in mind there might be higher cleaning fees now to coincide with such stringent sanitizing measures) in response. We’ve broken down how each of these three vacation home rental companies works, plus their policies for cleaning, cancellation, and more.

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