Amazon wants to expand its customer base beyond developers with a new tool to build apps without code, but analysts say it faces fierce competition from Microsoft and Google (AMZN)

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Amazon Web Services just launched Honeycode, a no-code tool that makes it easy for users to build apps from a spreadsheet without having to write code.
Analysts agree that this was a step AWS had to take to stay competitive as no-code and low-code tools are becoming key for cloud companies to have in their product portfolios, but it will face stiff competition from Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce, and even smaller vendors like Smartsheet or Mendix.
AWS’s core audience has long been more technical developers, but analysts say Honeycode can attract the next wave of developers and business users who will want to build apps without having the technical skills to do so with code.
AWS is entering the low-code and no-code market at a time when it’s poised to see rapid growth. As businesses digitize and adopt remote work more permanently, there will be a greater demand for apps to help manage work, analysts say.
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Amazon Web Services is making moves into the red-hot market for tools that let nontechnical users build apps with little to no code. Its new no-code tool, Honeycode, allows users to build apps from a spreadsheet without having to touch any code at all — similar to tools like Airtable or Appsheet, which Google acquired in January.

Tools that let non-developers build apps are seeing increased demand in the remote work era, as businesses have a greater need to digitize but not enough developers to build tools from scratch. A Gartner report published in March estimated that 75% of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools by 2024 — both within their IT departments and for projects undertaken by non-engineers within the company. That will likely be accelerated now due to the pandemic, analysts say.

AWS had to create a no-code tool to compete with its competitors, as such products become a key part of other cloud portfolios, those analysts said. They also warned that AWS is entering a crowded market with competition from both big players like Microsoft and Google and smaller startups, too, though some said that because the market is growing so fast, there’s room for AWS to make its mark despite the late start.

Until now, Amazon was one of the only large cloud vendors that hadn’t yet invested in the space. Microsoft’s Power Platform product has been gaining traction, Google acquired AppSheet which lets users build apps using Google Sheets, and Salesforce has long had no-code and low-code tools in its platform. Honeycode is AWS’s bid to grow its customer base beyond its typical developer user base and target business users.

“As more and more industries are relying on software as part of what they do, there’s more and more demand for developers,” KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, industry analyst at RedMonk, told Business Insider. “One thing that no-code and low-code promises to do is allow folks who do not necessarily have in depth coding skills to …read more

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