Season 7 in Fortnite has finally arrived and it’s shaping up to be the biggest so far. Boasting a ton of new content, developer Epic Games has made quite a few changes to their popular battle royale title. Outside of the winter aesthetic, there are a now customization options for your guns and vehicles. Additionally, there are a ton of new skins and cosmetic items for players via the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Yet, the most insane addition comes in the form of planes. Called the X-4 Stormwing, these vehicles will definitely shake up Fortnite’s gameplay. Given how important vertically is in fights, having a vehicle that lets you rule the skies is certainly going to make fights interesting.

Additionally, there have been very little changes to any existing items of weapons. However, players can now use zip lines scattered throughout the map and there have been a number of new locations added to Fortnite.

Here’s a look at the complete 7.00 Season 7 patch notes for Fortnite:

Updated the minimum macOS version required to run Fortnite on Mac to 10.13.6.
Added some optimizations for when players build structures.

Bug Fixes

Fixed daily Challenge text and some other text to properly switch when changing languages.
Fixed a crash when terminating the game because of an error during initialization.
Fixed a potential performance degradation when loading content.
Modified the error window to use a scrolling region for overflowing text.
Improved the data layout on Xbox One to improve loading times generally and reduce building streaming issues in Battle Royale.
Made the Fortnite taskbar icon blink (Windows only) upon successfully entering a lobby after matchmaking if the application is minimized or inactive in the background.
Minimized chat text on PC and Mobile is no longer clickable. Clicking the chat entry text box will still expand the chat text as normal.


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X-4 Stormwing Plane
5 total seats.
Seats 4 passengers (on the wings) and a pilot.

Has a mounted machine gun. Be careful, it can overheat.
Players will go into the skydiving state when exiting the X-4 Stormwing.
Use the roll buttons for sharp turns.
Pressing both will fly upside down.
Double tapping roll buttons will do a barrel roll.

Can boost and airbrake for extra mobility.

Balloons have been reworked so that while they are equipped, it is possible to use weapons and items.
Players can attach up to 3 Balloons to their back, lifting off the ground when the 3rd Balloon is attached.
Press jump while in the air to release Balloons one at a time.
Reduced stack size from 20 to 10.

Updated scope crosshair on Scoped AR and Thermal AR.
Vaulted Items
Note: Each new season gives us an opportunity to evaluate the current item rotation. Our goal is to have a reasonable number of items to learn, while avoiding duplicates or overlapping functionality. Based on recent (and upcoming) item additions, we’ve selected the following for vaulting.
Shadow Stones
Double Barrel Shotgun
Shockwave Grenade

Map Updated
New Biome: Iceberg
New Location: Frosty Flights
New Location: Polar Peak
New Location: Happy Hamlet
Other unnamed Points …read more



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Complete 7.00 Fortnite Patch Notes (Season 7)

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