CPS takes another budget hit, loses $30M in expected state funding

Students sit outside Nicholas Senn High School in the Edgewater neighborhood.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

A change in state funding has caused Chicago Public Schools to lose almost $30 million in expected state money, representing yet another financial hit as district officials warn of ramifications in both the near and distant future.

In a surprise move Friday, the school district, Illinois’ largest by far, was dropped into the second tier of financial need — a move that comes with a corresponding reduction in funding. The change is due mostly to CPS losing enrollment and, specifically, students from low-income backgrounds.

The move was revealed when the state’s Board of Education released its calculations that determine how it will distribute money to school districts for the new school year. The distribution is based on how close each system is to providing what the state has determined is an adequate education for students. The formula takes into account a number of factors, including the number of students, what it would take to educate students living in poverty and the number of English language learners. 


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City officials had thought CPS would continue to be seen as one of the neediest school districts in the state, as it long has been, classified in the “Tier 1” category. According to CPS’ budget unveiled earlier this summer, the district was anticipating “remaining in Tier 1 for the foreseeable future and receiving an additional $50 million in tier funding in FY2023.”

CPS spokeswoman Mary Fergus said Friday that officials understand the tiers are set in state law, “but any …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun Times


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