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Cassandra Walker, the Dairy Queen employee who made a viral ‘marijuana’-themed cake, said she was fired on her birthday for the mix-up.
INSIDER previously reported on the Georgia woman who ordered a “Moana” birthday cake, but was misheard by a Dairy Queen employee, who thought she said “marijuana.”
Walker said her manager misheard the order and told her it was okay to make a marijuana-themed cake.
The official statement from the Milledgeville Dairy Queen characterized the birthday cake mix-up as “a simple misunderstanding from the beginning.”
A representative from Dairy Queen confirmed to INSIDER that Walker was terminated but was later offered her job back, which she declined.
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The Dairy Queen employee who made a viral marijuana-themed cake said she was fired on her birthday for the mix-up.

Cassandra Walker, the Georgia woman who made the cake, told USA Today that it was her manager who misheard a customer’s cake order over the phone, mistaking “Moana” for “marijuana.”

The ice cream cake, which read “Happy 25th Birthday Kensli,” was decorated with green and white frosting and featured a large cannabis leaf. Next to it was a “My Little Pony” character with blurry red eyes smoking what appeared to be a joint.

Walker said her manager told her it was OK to make the marijuana-themed cake.

“The manager stood behind me while I pulled the images off the internet,” the mother-of-two told USA Today. “She walked by as I decorated the cake. As I boxed the cake up, she was the one who walked it up to the front.”

Walker said Dairy Queen fired her for the mistake on July 8 — her birthday. A representative from Dairy Queen confirmed with INSIDER that she was terminated and that the company later offered Walker her job back, which she declined.

Walker said she turned down the offer because she wasn’t pleased with the way Dairy Queen handled the situation.

“To be at this job for almost a year and not have a write-up, not be in trouble, and to just be let go because of mistake, it’s not funny to me,” she told USA Today.

The recipient of the marijuana-themed birthday cake was Kensli Taylor Davis, 25, of Milledgeville, Georgia.

Davis is a huge fan of “Moana,” a popular animated 2016 Disney film about a Polynesian princess. For her 25th birthday, Davis’ mother decided to get her daughter a cake based on the film.

“So, my mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana. (Because really I do),” Davis wrote in a Facebook post. “Needless to say these people thought she said marijuana.”

“My sister picked it up and Facetimed my mama the minute she saw it,” Davis told INSIDER. “We all died of laughter because it was obviously an honest mistake.”

Davis didn’t think the cake was going to go viral and said she was “blown away” by the social media response. The Facebook post, which features a picture …read more

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Dairy Queen employee who made viral ‘marijuana’ cake said she was fired on her birthday for the mix-up

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