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On Monday, a person spoke to ABC 15, claiming to be the former caregiver of a woman who gave birth at an Arizona nursing home late last month.
The former caregiver described the patient’s condition in detail and said that she could not possibly have given consent to sexual intercourse, because she has been in a vegetative state for more than a decade.
CBS affiliate Arizona’s Family also spoke to a former Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility manager on Tuesday, who claimed that the company’s former CEO covered up another sexually inappropriate incident.
Former CEO Bill Timmons resigned on Monday. He did not respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

Two people claiming to be former employees of Hacienda Healthcare have spoken out to detail what the nursing home and its parent company are like after a patient’s surprise pregnancy and birth sparked a sexual assault investigation.

Phoenix, Arizona police have launched an investigation after the unnamed patient, described by Arizona’s Family as a 29-year-old Native American woman, gave birth to a baby boy on December 29. The birth was a shock since the patient has been in a vegetative state for more than a decade due to a near-drowning incident.

On Monday, a person claiming to have been one of the patient’s primary caregivers for many years sat down for an interview with ABC 15, saying there’s no way the woman could have given consent. INSIDER was not able to independently verify the person’s employment at Hacienda.

The former caregiver, who asked to remain anonymous, said the patient couldn’t walk or communicate in any way. Her life is split between her bedroom and another room where she’s taken by wheelchair to spend her days, the woman told ABC 15.

The caregiver told the outlet that the staff at the facility are pretty much the only human contact the patient has, as her family only visits once every few months.

When she heard that the woman had given birth, the caregiver said she cried because she knew that the woman could not defend herself or identify her assailant. The caregiver was also incensed at the facility’s staff, who she says should have noticed her gaining weight or missing periods.

“I can’t believe it at all. I can’t believe someone would bathe her daily for nine months, never know she wasn’t having her period, she wasn’t growing in her mid-section. That nurses weren’t keeping track of her weight, those things are just shocking to me,” the caregiver told ABC 15.

When the caregiver worked at the facility, she alleges lax security left the patients vulnerable.

“Too many entrances, too many opportunities. I myself have come in a back way many times with no one noticing me,” the caregiver said.

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Multiple reports emerge of other inappropriate incidents at the facility

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a woman claiming to have worked in a management position at Hacienda for more than a decade spoke to CBS affiliate Arizona’s …read more

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Former caregiver of the nursing home patient who gave birth while in a vegetative state says she never could have given consent, and an ex-manager claims the company covered up another sexually inappropriate incident

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