I shopped at only thrift stores for a year — and I got a whole new wardrobe for less than $300


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I shopped exclusively at thrift stores for an entire year.
It saved me money and changed my relationship with fashion.
I developed my own personal style for the first time, and it only cost me $291.

In 2017, I started out on a year of purposeful living. I vowed to make every single purchase that I made stretch to help the most amount of people possible. As a fashion writer, I decided that the beginning of my journey would circle around clothing.

My plan was to only shop at thrift stores for an entire year.

The hope was that it would save me a whole lot of money and it did. I only spent $291 on clothing for the entire year, but my thrifting ended up doing so much more than that.

Let’s backpedal a little bit. Before I started my journey to purposeful living, I was not an excessive shopper. I didn’t have credit card debt because of buying sprees or go out and buy a different outfit for every occasion. But I also didn’t really think about where I was getting my clothing. I saw the price tag and nothing else.

Then came the 2016 election. Because President Donald Trump’s administration does not believe in global warming — something scientists say is definitively happening — I grew worried about the planet. If there was something I could do, I was going to do it. After some Googling, I realized I could take on the apparel industry, which, according to Forbes, is the second largest industrial polluter on the planet.

I will admit that I went a little drastic by only shopping at thrift stores for an entire year. Although it’s not exactly practical, it is doable. I actually found it extremely easy, since I was doing it for a cause that I really believed in — saving the planet.

The thrift store and I were not strangers before this journey.

I have always loved walking around a secondhand shop and finding little treasures, but this time my tactic changed. It wasn’t just shopping for things that looked cool. Instead, I was shopping for specific occasions. Think: a night out with the girls, weddings, and holidays.

Only buying clothing from thrift stores was frustrating at first. I couldn’t just walk up to a rack, decide I liked a top, and then find it in my size. I had to find my size section, comb through all of the pieces, and then hope that the item fit like the size on the tag. The struggle balanced out as soon as I hit the checkout line. On average, I spent anywhere from $1 to $5 per item, so, all in all, it was worth the hunt.

Over the course of the year, I spent about $291 on clothing, according to my saved tags.

That’s roughly one and a half Anthropologie dresses, five bras from Victoria’s Secret, or seven swimsuits from Target.

Trust me when I say that I …read more

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