Incredible photos of the small French commune that held the first Winter Olympics


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Before the Winter Olympics became the spectacle it is today, it began as a modest ensemble of athletes in Chamonix, France.

The snowy, French commune hosted the first winter games with 16 participating nations in 1924.

The event would forever change Chamonix; it propelled the town out of obscurity and into the global spotlight.

As the 2018 Olympics kicks off in Pyeongchang, South Korea, take a look at the history of the city that hosted the first winter games.

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In 1924, Chamonix, France held the first Winter Olympics, originally called “International Winter Sports Week.”

Before the games, Chamonix was a sleepy ski town.

Four years prior, it had built a cable car system to climb Mont Blannc, the highest mountain in the Alps.

10,000 spectators from across North America and Europe showed up for the Olympics.

Source: The International Olympic Committee

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