Jason Freeman Manson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Charles Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman Manson

The remains of Charles Manson, on ice in a Kern County, California morgue since the opprobrious mastermind of a the Manson Family cult of murderers died of natural causes – colon cancer, heart and respiratory failure – at 83 in a prison hospital last November, will be handed over to his grandson Jason Freeman Mason. Freeman Mason fought and won a court case in Bakersfield, California Monday as the rightful heir to the infamous convicted killer’s remains. Yes, Freeman Manson had to fight for his grandfather’s body as two other’s believed they had the right to Manson’s corpse.

Jason Freeman Mason’s father was Charles Manson Jr., who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on a roadway in Colorado in 1993. Charles Manson Jr. was the son of Rosalie Willis and Charles Manson. The couple divorced in 1958.

A bizarre case, only not for Freeman Mason who said he just wanted his grandfather’s remains for a proper burial but given that Manson’s biological kin had to fight a man who purported to have been fathered by Mason and another claimant, a fan with a capital F who owns a large collection of Manson memorabilia and who became a Manson pen-pal. Freeman Manson argued his grandfather’s remains should be with him. The judge agreed.

Here’s what you need to know about Jason Freeman Manson and his notorious grandfather, Charles Manson.

1. Jason Freeman Manson Said, ‘It Was An Honor To Know My Grandfather,’ the ‘Monster We’ve All Read About For Years’

JFM WordPressJason Freeman Manson holding his grandfather Charles Manson’s death certificate in January of 2018. Manson died in prison at age 83 in November of 2017.

In a blog called ‘Jason Fighting Freeman,’ the younger Manson wrote shorty after his grandfather’s death about the conflict and the love in his heart.

“Most of my life I made to make a choice, that choice came from the Elders in my family when I was young, for my protection, mentally and maybe even physical…My grandmother Rosie had all the reason to keep society distant from her grandchildren. I can only imagine the footsteps her and my father had to withstand through out my fathers early years of life as a child. Society Pulled the little boy out of my Father. He never had that childhood that I work hard to give me children. My father could not be the child he should of been in life… God has so much for all of us, if we tap into what his grace has to offer… I only wish I could of shared life with My father… but that’s gone and has been gone.My relationship with my grandfather will always be on my mind and Heart. It is my honor to take my hat off to my Mother for choosing to keep the distance also. Charles Jr could not let go of the past, his father Charles Manson, The moving from city to city just to hide from the name society helped Paint as the …read more

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