Meet Budweiser billionaire Billy Busch, who pled guilty to assaulting an 11-year-old, owns a 700-acre farm outside St. Louis, and stars in an MTV reality show with his wife and 7 kids

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Some of the heirs to the $13.4 billion Anheuser-Busch beer fortune are now starring in a reality TV series on MTV.
The Busches live in a 6,300-square-foot house in a St. Louis suburb that was named one of the richest towns in America.
The family patriarch, Billy Busch Sr., has another daughter from a previous relationship named Scarlett. The pair has a contentious relationship, with Scarlett having publicly accused him of “neglect and abandonment,” according to St. Louis Magazine.
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The Busch family that invented some of America’s most iconic beers may no longer control the brewing company that bears their name, but they are still enjoying the multibillion-dollar fortune that comes from running the company for over a century.

The Busches have spent their $13.4 billion fortune on a 700-acre farm outside St. Louis, luxury vacations, expensive private school educations for their seven children, and a failed attempt to launch another brewery. The family also stars in a reality television show on MTV called “The Busch Family Brewed.”

A representative for the Busch family at MTV did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment on Billy Busch, Sr.’s assault charges or his relationship with Scarlett Busch, or the family’s net worth, real-estate properties, or television show.

Keep reading to learn more about the branch of the family starring on “The Busch Family Brewed.”

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“The Busch Family Brewed” stars one wing of the beer dynasty.

The show focuses on Billy Busch, Sr., his wife Christi Busch, and the couple’s seven children — Billy Jr. (28), Haley (27), Abbey (25), Gussie (24), Grace (22), Maddie (17), and Peter (13) — according to MTV.

Billy Busch, Sr. has another daughter, Scarlett Busch, who is not a part of the show, according to The St. Louis Post Dispatch. In 1988, Busch and with ex-girlfriend Angela Whitson had a “tabloid-esque custody battle” over their then 5-year-old Scarlett, The Post Dispatch reported. A judge later awarded Busch custody of his daughter, saying that “I doubt that he will allow his daughter to stand in the way of his pursuit of transient pleasures, but he no doubt will provide competent hired care of her when he is not present,” according to The Post Dispatch.

Scarlett Busch later posted on Facebook that she had experienced “neglect and abandonment” from her father, according to St. Louis Magazine. “What kind of man after dismissing his oldest daughter uses family nobility and honor as a way to shine his rusty halo in the public eye?”

The Busch family has been in the beer business since 1876.

Adolphus Busch, the great-grandfather of Billy Busch Sr., invented Budweiser, according to

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