Answer: Naperville native James Holzhauer.

Question: Who rose to number two Monday on the all-time cash winnings list for regular games on TV’s “Jeopardy!”

The Naperville North High School grad, who is now a professional sports gambler in Las Vegas, won his eighth game in a row Monday to boost his total winnings to $460,479. That puts him behind only Ken Jennings, who won $2,520,700 during a 74-game winning streak.

Holzhauer set a single-day “Jeopardy!” record last week when he won $110,914 after reaching into his math background to correctly answer “What is quantum leap?” in Final Jeopardy.

His winnings — spurred by large wagers on Daily Doubles — pushed him past Dave Madden for the second spot behind Jennings. Madden won $430,400 over 19 games.

“When I watch at home, I always root for the contestants to bet big on Daily Doubles. They get them right most of the time, and it can give them a big leg up on the competition,” Holzhauer said in a written statement. “I’m proud of myself for sticking to that attitude when it was my money on the line.”

Holzhauer will face two new challengers Tuesday, when he will attempt to win his ninth game.

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Naperville North grad now 2nd on ‘Jeopardy!’ cash winnings list

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