RANKED: The most inclusive companies in the United States

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier

There is an index that ranks the world’s most diverse and inclusive companies, based on data such as diversity of its board and whether the company provides child care.
Companies that are more diverse are more likely to see higher productivity and profitability, MIT research has found.
Here are the seven most diverse and inclusive companies headquartered in the US, including HP and Gap.
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Figuring out which companies are the most diverse doesn’t have to be a war of public image thanks to Refinitiv’s Diversity & Inclusion Index.

The index, which was formerly run by Thomson Reuters, looks at metrics such as board gender diversity, who gets internal promotions, and whether a company offers day care services. To calculate each company’s score for diversity and inclusion, or D&I, Refinitiv’s team assigns each metric with a number of possible points. Companies are then given a score out of 100% based on how many points they have.

Refinitiv pulls data for 7,000 companies and then identify the top 100 publicly traded companies in a country, which is how we arrive at our American list.

So who made the cut? Here are the seven US-headquartered companies that scored highest on the index for the first quarter of 2020:

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7. HP Inc.

Example: The majority of HP’s board of directors are minorities, according to the company’s website, and 42% are women, which is nearly double the national average of 20%. In addition, some 65% of new hires at HP, according to the company’s most recent data, were either women, minorities, veterans or people with disabilities.

D&I score: 73.75%

Global ranking: 25

6. Johnson & Johnson

Example: Each year, J&J hosts an awards ceremony internally for employees making progress in diversity and inclusion. While the 2019 winners have yet to be announced, the 2018 winners include the company’s Mental Health Diplomats, who provided mental health awareness and training to colleagues, as well as a group of staffers in Latin America that boosted spending with suppliers from diverse backgrounds by 15 fold in just one year.

D&I score: 74.50%

Global ranking: 22

5. Merck & Co. Inc.

Example: The pharmaceutical company is part of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, which recognizes businesses that spend at least $1 billion with suppliers that are run by women or minorities.

D&I score: 76.25%

Global ranking: 13

4. Marriott International Inc.

Example: Marriott partners with multiple nonprofits worldwide to increase diversity. In Mexico, the hospitality chain partners with economic nonprofit Vital Voices to give career mentorship to women. And in its multinational Bridges From School to Work program, the company is training and employing young people with disabilities, according to the company’s website.

D&I score: 76.25%

Global ranking: 12

3. Gap Inc.

Example: Gap Inc. has a diverse workforce; three quarter’s of its employees are women, and just over half of are minorities. In addition, the clothing company has a range of …read more

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