Relationship experts who married each other explain exactly how they avoid getting on each other’s nerves

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Social distancing and working remotely with your partner comes with its own set of challenges.
Business Insider interviewed four couples, in which both partners are relationship experts, about their best marriage advice.
These experts brought up common themes and recommended that couples stay curious about their partners and remember the whole is greater than the sum of its parts — even during a health crisis.
Marriage is hard for everyone, but here are some time-tested tricks to make it easier.
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Working from home with your partner can either be a really good idea or a major challenge for your love life.

As the novel coronavirus spreads, thousands of employees worldwide are working remotely. Major corporations like Google, Apple, and Twitter have asked their workforce to do so for weeks or an indefinite amount of time.

Amid the increase of remote work and social distancing, relationships are put to the test. Many couples wonder if their relationships are strong enough to power through the coronavirus pandemic.

Working remotely can mean more time to be with your partner, but it also means that your boundaries between work and personal responsibilities will also be blurred.

Business Insider spoke with four married couples, all of whom are relationship experts, on how they’ve used their knowledge of successful relationships and personal experiences to resolve relationship conflict. Although their tips are relevant now, we spoke to these experts before the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Here is how the pros do marriage — and what you can learn from them.

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They know how to be interdependent

Suzann Pileggi Pawelski and James Pawelski, PhD co-wrote the forthcoming book “Happy Together,” in which they apply insights from positive psychology to romantic relationships. Pileggi Pawelski’s background is in journalism; Pawelski is a philosopher. Both had been successful in their individual careers, but their approaches to research and writing were starkly different.

Pawelski talked about the importance of “interdependence,” which he acknowledged “could be a challenge.” At one point, Pileggi Pawelski showed her husband a draft of a chapter she’d written. Pawelski thought they could do better.

Seeing how much energy she’d put into the drafts, Pawelski told me, “I had a choice of saying, ‘OK, these drafts are good; we can just kind of tweak them a little bit and then we’re good to go.’ Or, I could say to her, ‘Honestly, I think we need to take them apart and put them back together again and I think they’ll be better.”

Ultimately, Pawelski gave his wife “some time to think it through more,” and she realized the draft could in fact use some revision. Interdependence, Pawelski said, is about standing up for your perspective and also being willing to yield a little to the other person’s perspective.

They know the ‘why’

Working from home with your partner ultimately means you’re merging two lifestyles into one. …read more

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