Roadshow: Should roadside memorial for slain Safeway worker remain or be removed?

Q: There is a road/street memorial on Hamilton Avenue in front of the Safeway that honors a young man who was murdered inside the store. The memorial has been there since June. It is unsightly, and constantly grows and shrinks. Surrounding neighbors are tired of its presence.

The Safeway manager said that Safeway has nothing to do with it.

Robert A. Flanagan

A: City officials from Campbell and San Jose will look at the site and determine if it should be removed. They usually leave these memorials in place for several months up to a year or so, and return items from a memorial to family members of the person who died. The young man slain at Safeway was an employee, Manny Huizar, 24. He was shot when he tried to stop a late night shoplifter.

Q: I have a question about whether there are any rules for using public Tesla chargers.

In a shopping center parking lot at the corner of Payne Avenue and Saratoga Avenue, there are about 10 Tesla chargers. I assume they are used by people who live nearby because if you drive by before the stores open, the charging stations are all/mostly in use.

How long are people supposed to leave their cars at these charging stations?

Randy Breunling

A: There are usually no time restrictions on the Tesla chargers. There are self-imposed limits on the time that non-Tesla chargers are used because EV drivers who use them pay for their use.

Anne, the-Roadshow-Daughter and a non-Tesla EV owner has used them and says, “There are 2 sets of superchargers here, Tesla and Electrify America. Tesla cars can connect to both sets of chargers, but non-Tesla cars can only connect to Electrify America, so that’s what I use.”

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Q: Do you have a website or toll-free phone number to call regarding the temporary closure of Highway 680 between Fremont and San Ramon on the weekend of March 18?

We need to attend an event at 5 p.m that day and heard from friends who were delayed traveling the same route recently. It has been announced before, but I neglected to write down the information. The other question is about how long it would take to travel that distance during that time. We normally take 50-60 minutes from Sunnyvale, all things considered. If you could give me a clue that would help. Thank you for any advice you can give.

Wilson Woo, Sunnyvale

A: Interstate 680 will be closed this weekend between Sunol Boulevard and Bernal Avenue for paving work.

The closure will begin at 10 p.m. Friday, March 17 and the road will reopen at 5 a.m. Monday, March 20. For more information, see

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