Royal Caribbean is building the new world’s largest cruise ship despite the pandemic still halting sailings — see the Wonder of the Sea

Wonder of the Seas cruise ship Royal Caribbean

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Royal Caribbean’s new Wonder of the Seas cruise ship was transferred to an outfitting dock on September 5 in preparation for its 2022 debut despite the current tumultuous state of the travel industry amid the pandemic.

The construction of the ship was first announced in 2019 as the fifth boat in Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis” lineup, which consists of the world’s biggest cruise ships, according to the cruise line. However, this latest addition to the family will be larger than its four predecessor, according to Royal Caribbean’s president and CEO Michael Bayley in a report by the Orlando Sentinel.

The Wonder of the Seas ship was originally set to embark from Shanghai in 2021, but its initial debut was delayed due to the pandemic, USA Today reported.

While the 2022 unveiling will hopefully come at a coronavirus-free time, the travel industry — including cruise lines — has been struggling amid the pandemic.

Rewinding back to the beginning of COVID-19’s global spread, large cruise ships were notoriously known as hotspots for the virus, leaving thousands of passengers and crew members infected, dead, stranded, or quarantined. As a result, the industry — now crippled by the lack of sails, overhead costs, and public image and trust issues — may have an uphill battle before it can resume trips akin to pre-coronavirus times.

Despite this, the Centers for Disease Control’s no-sail order until the end of September, and COVID-19 cases tied to cruises as recent as July, not everything related to the cruising is as bleak as it seems. Many cruise-goers are still eager to get back onto ships, and in April, bookings for 2021 cruise trips started rising again despite the ongoing pandemic.

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Keep scrolling to see the Wonder of the Seas, which will hopefully debut during better times:

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There is not a lot of information about the ship that is available yet since it’s still under construction. However, the Wonder of the Seas’ move to the outfitting dock marks the first time the ship has been in water, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

The cruise ship is set to be able to accommodate 5,000 guests with double occupancy and 2,200 crew members along the boat’s 18 decks, Royal Caribbean International’s director of public relations Lyan Sierra-Caro told Business Insider in an email.

In total, the Wonder of the Seas will be 1,188 feet long, 215 feet wide, and weigh 228,000 tons. The future unveiling of the Wonder of the Seas will mark the cruise line’s first Oasis ship debut in Asia, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Source: Orlando Sentinel’s president Heidi Allison told the Los Angeles Times that bookings made around March and the beginning of April for 2021 cruises increased 40% compared to bookings in 2019.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Of this increase, 11% of the bookings were made by passengers who had a cancelled 2020 cruise vacation, which …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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