The 20 biggest questions we have after ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 finale


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Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead’s” season eight finale, “Wrath.”

Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” finale wrapped up a lot of storylines and may have teased a larger group of villains for next season.

But there are still a lot of open-ended questions the show didn’t address. (When are we going to see that helicopter again?) INSIDER rounded up every question we had during and after watching the season eight finale that we hope to see resolved when the show returns.

Who will lead the Sanctuary now?

In the comics, Dwight famously takes over as leader of the Saviors after Negan gets captured. But on the show, he has lost the respect of his fellow Saviors. Without Dwight and Simon, Negan’s top men are all but gone.

Maybe one of the women — Arat or Laura, who ratted Dwight out — will take charge.

Did the show hint at its next big villain?

Rick notes that there’s a giant herd of the undead in the distance. Some think that may be a hint at the show’s next villains, the Whisperers, a group of people who wear the skin of the undead.

Are we going to see Dwight again?

Daryl showed Dwight mercy by letting him go and giving him the keys to a truck to find his ex-wife, Sherry. Daryl probably felt it was the right thing to do since Sherry helped him escape the Sanctuary.

That doesn’t mean the two are best buds, though. Daryl said if Dwight ever shows his face again, he’s as good as dead.

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