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Shoe polish is an important part of ensuring that your leather shoes and boots last as long as possible.
With its all-natural formula, great nourishing properties, and centuries-old pedigree, the French-made Saphir Renovateur is an old-school icon that remains the premier shoe polish. 

A good pair of leather dress shoes is one of the most important parts of any wardrobe, but one of the “catches” with buying quality leather is that animal hide needs a bit of care in order to maintain its character and suppleness. After you wear those new shoes for a while, they’re naturally going to start looking worn out as the leather’s natural oils dry out and the surface takes on scuffs, scratches, creases, and general wear from the elements.

The good news is that you don’t have to toss those worn-out shoes in your closet: Good leather can last for decades and decades with proper care, and many people (myself included) actually find polishing their shoes to be a relaxing old-school ritual. Good polish can breathe new life into leather, making it look almost new again, and if you’re investing good money in quality shoes then it behooves you to spend a few bucks on quality polish. Few things look worse than an otherwise nice outfit ruined by worn-out, dull-looking shoes.

Shoe polish generally comes in two forms, shoe cream and shoe wax:

Shoe creams are oil-based polishes that impart a matte shine to the shoe while also restoring moisture and adding a bit of color to the leather — great for shoes that are looking a bit dry and rough on the surface. This is the most common type of polish, the easiest to work with, and our recommendation for beginners.

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Shoe wax is a solid polish with a base typically comprised of beeswax or something similar. It offers a more classic glass-like shine than cream polishes as well as some extra resistance to scuffs and marks on the leather, but takes a bit more time and effort to use. You don’t want to over-apply wax as it can dry out and flake off if you layer it on too thick — rather than getting fully absorbed into the leather, wax polishes do most of their work on the surface.

How to polish your shoes

To start, find a flat surface to work on and lay down an old towel or some newspaper. Remove the laces, clean any dirt off the shoes with a horsehair brush, and then use a dauber to apply the polish. If the shoes are considerably dirty, consider cleaning them with saddle soap before starting this process. Work the polish into the leather with a cloth, moving in small circular motions with your fingers. Finish by buffing the shoes to a shine with a separate buffing cloth, and you’re done.

Polishes are also great for casual shoes and boots, and there are …read more

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