Who’d a thunk that Tom Hanks was a passionate Spades player in addition to be a talented actor? In a new video interview with the two stars of the Toy Story franchise, the Oscar-winning actor got candid about his love for the game.

During a junket for Toy Story 4, entertainment blogger BlogXilla asked both Hanks and Tim Allen (who play Woody and Buzz Lightyear) if they were worthy of possessing a “black card.” He prompted them with a scenario about playing Spades against players who have been “talking crap the whole game.”

“What do you do?” Xilla asked after telling them that them and their imaginary partners have “four and a possible.”

“Do you bid nine, or do you bid 10, go wheels and go all out for it?” he continued.

“Ten. Go all out,” Hanks said, affirmatively. “”here’s not really money necessarily involved in spades, it’s just cred. I throw deep, baby. I go deep.”

He continued to discuss his experience playing the game Whist (“a version of spades”) while growing up in Oakland, Calif. He was a graduate of Oakland’s Skyline High School in 1974.

Allen, who said he never played Spades, stayed quiet for much of the interaction. “I’ve been working Vegas for 30 years,” he said. “I don’t gamble. I don’t play cards.”

The Internet had their thoughts on Allen’s reaction, but we can’t get enough of the passion Hanks has for Spades. As though he couldn’t get more likable.

Check out the clip above.

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Tom Hanks Discusses His Love For Spades: Watch

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