Good news for vegan and vegetarian students in the US: Two-thirds of colleges in the country are now offering vegan meals on campus, according to peta2’s 2018 Vegan Report Card.

On Monday, peta2 — a youth animal rights group and a subset of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) — released its fifth-annual survey of university dining programs.

For this year’s report, the organization surveyed more than 1,400 campus dining programs at four-year colleges and universities across America. Overall, peta2 found an increase in on-campus vegan dessert options and a decrease in all-vegan dining stations, suggesting that colleges are integrating vegan offerings into their dining plans.

Peta2 also found that two-thirds of the schools it surveyed were offering vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To put this into perspective, only 28% of surveyed schools in 2014 offered at least one vegan option. And, no, serving fruit did not count as a vegan option, according to a press release from peta2.

“There’s no question that a veritable vegan revolution is taking college campuses by storm as more and more young people are opting for animal- and eco-friendly meals,” peta2’s director of international youth and outreach, Ryan Huling, told INSIDER.

Below, see 10 of the most vegan-friendly colleges in the US. This list was compiled based on peta2’s overall grade ranking in its 2018 report, as well as student satisfaction surveys. The list is not ranked in any particular order based on the different varieties of vegan offerings at each school.

The University of North Texas has tons of vegan options.

The University of North Texas (UNT) has a 100% vegan dining hall on campus.

Ranked an A-plus vegan school by peta2 five years in a row, vegans and non-vegans alike enjoy meals at UNT’s Mean Greens dining hall. The cafeteria is even home to a hydroponic garden, where the school grows up to 800 heads of lettuce a week for the dining halls on campus.

Northwestern University offers a plethora of vegan options.

Northwestern University (NU) isn’t messing around when it comes to serving vegan-friendly meals to its students.

In addition to promoting Meatless Mondays around campus, each NU dining hall offers a vegan option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sustainability is also a core tenet of NU Dining’s mission statement. In fact, a majority of the food options available on campus are sourced from local farms in the Midwest to help reduce waste and conserve water and energy.

Not to mention, the school offers fair-trade organic coffee in all dining and retail locations on campus.

Seattle Pacific University has embraced vegan food.

Although Seattle Pacific University (SPU) doesn’t have its own all-vegan dining hall, the university does offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

SPU also participates in Meatless Mondays and has an overall student satisfaction rate of …read more

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Two-thirds of colleges in the US now offer vegan meals — here are 10 of the most vegan-friendly campuses

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