Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of the third episode of Ute Insiders— a podcast from Deseret News writers Dirk Facer, Amy Donaldson and Trent Wood. It’s been edited for clarity.

Dirk Facer: On this week’s Deseret News Ute Insiders, we break down Utah’s 17-6 win over Northern Illinois, look ahead to the big game with the Washington Huskies, we also visit with Utah athletic director Mark Harlan, break down the PAC-12 South games this week, and we got a lot more than that. Stay tuned for this episode of Ute Insiders.

Welcome to another episode of the Deseret News Ute Insiders. I’m Dirk Facer, joined today by colleagues Amy Donaldson and Trent Wood. Amy, Trent, how are you this week?

Trent Wood: Doing good.

Amy Donaldson: A million bucks over here.

DF: Good. That’s what we need. It’s probably a little better than the Utes. So let’s jump right into things. Utah defeated Northern Illinois 17 to 6 but it took a late 40-yard interception return by Chase Hansen to seal the deal here. Amy, what’s your take on the game considering they’ve got Washington coming up?

AD: Um, I think that my take on the game was Utah’s always good at defense. And we know that. And maybe I just have to stop expecting them to ever be prolific on offense.

DF: Trent, what do you think?

TW: I think we’re all prone to overreactions and you look at some of the stuff from that game, they actually played better than it appeared live. But it looked pretty bad live.

AD: So we didn’t see what we saw, that’s what you’re saying?

TW: Yeah.

DF: You know it’s one of those things, in talking to the players and coaches after the game, everybody kind of played it off as, you know, that’s the second game of the year, a win’s a win even though Kyle Whittingham said he never looks at things that way. But is a win a win? I mean, good enough, 2-0 going into the Washington game?

TW: I mean, we don’t know who any of these teams are yet. It was only week 2 of the season. We don’t know how good Northern Illinois is, we have no idea how good Utah is yet so I mean at this point it’s hard to make any overarching claims.

AD: Well I would say no. A win is not a win because a win masks problems. When you lose you know you have stuff to address because you hate losing and it impacts where you can play in a bowl and all that stuff, so you address a lot. I think it’s easier to get the attention of your players and make fixes when you lose and then there’s just this idea, but we won, right? So the result keeps you from addressing that maybe you didn’t deserve to win that game.

DF: What are the red flags, then? There’s some obvious ones there — talk about the offense, for one thing, and in fact the defense got …read more

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Podcast: Can Ute offense find its groove against No. 10 Washington?

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