Kaley Cuoco wore a mask while jumping rope at the gym & dumb people complained


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My newest obsession during COVID/quarantine! All you need is 20 mins , a jump rope, and good music !

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Are gyms open in your area? It seems to go state by state, city by city, county by county. In my state, Virginia, gyms were allowed to reopen in June under social-distancing, mask-wearing and capacity limits. I spent the spring missing the gym, so I’ve been going regularly since it reopened. I wear my mask when I enter and leave, and I wear my mask when I’m lifting weights, which isn’t the gym protocol – the rule in VA is that you don’t actually have to wear the mask when you’re working out, just when you’re coming and going. I don’t wear my mask when I’m on the treadmill or bike though, because I get too hot and I am social-distanced.

What’s my point? Kaley Cuoco wears her mask the entire time she’s in the gym, even when she’s doing cardio, like jumping rope. As you can see in the Instagram video above, she’s super-fit and she manages to keep her mask on the entire time she’s jumping rope. Dumbasses in her comments were yelling at her:

Despite Cuoco’s crisscross jumping coordination and cardio jogging, some of her 6 million followers took exception with Cuoco, 34, donning a mask during her workout.

“You’re wearing a mask because why?” probed one Instagram commenter.

“You don’t need a mask when you workout ” wrote another user, while another added, “Don’t use mask to exercise. CO2. Nice going.”

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The comments came in a flurry, however, it didn’t stop the Harley Quinn voiceover actress to fire back at trolls who lent their two cents.

“For everyone and their mask comments. I wear a mask when I’m in an enclosed space around others, which I was,” she wrote in the comments section. “I’m protecting myself and everyone around me. That’s why I choose to wear a mask. Thanks for playing.”

[From Fox News]

I’m just… ugh. Why has “wearing a mask” become the political issue du jour. Why are people stupid? Why do people think they’re really making some big point about MASKS and FREEDOM and going into a celebrity’s IG to complain about how she’s being completely responsible and even kind of badass. I couldn’t jump rope in a mask! Things would be flying everywhere and my boobs would hurt and my mask would be bunched up by my eyes.

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