Amouranth insists she’s only had one sexual partner as she shuts down online hater

Haters gonna hate (pic: Twitter)

Twitch star Amouranth has disclosed the number of her sexual partners, after a Twitter user left her a nasty comment. 

Hot tub streamers and other adult content creators often get swarmed with hate messages which criticise their work, appearance, and personal choices, among other things. 

Amouranth, who’s the top female streamer on Twitch and frequently posts on OnlyFans, is no stranger to these kinds of comments, but she chooses to ignore them most of the time. 

However, this time the streamer chose to give a short but direct answer to a hater, in a bid to set the record straight with those who keep trying to insult her.

It all started when the streamer posted a Twitter poll for her followers to choose, between spending a day with her or a PlayStation 5.  

Choose wisely, you might get what you wish for

— Amouranth (@Amouranth) January 16, 2023

Then one hater took it a step further and decided to give two nasty reasons as to why she’d choose the PlayStation 5 over Amouranth. 

The first reason she gave was that the PlayStation 5 ‘doesn’t come with STDs’, implying that the same doesn’t go for Amouranth. The other reason she gave was that ‘unlike a woman’, if you take care of your PlayStation 5 it’ll ‘stay with you forever’. 

Stupid question. Easy choice. PS5.

1. It doesn’t come with STDs.

2. Unlike a woman, you can take care of your Ps5, and it will stay with you forever. You take care of a woman and and she’ll take your kids, your money, your happiness, and your house.

— Chloe Roma (@The_RomaArmy) January 17, 2023

Amouranth then proceeded to reveal she’s only had one sexual partner, after a fan speculated she’s probably only had ‘two or three’. 


— Kaitlyn (@wildkait) January 17, 2023

Another person brought up a video where Amouranth was hanging out with Adin Ross, among others, and they ask her about her ‘body count’. 

There she also said she’s only been with one person, though at some point she changed her answer to five. 

The fact is that whether Amouranth has had one, five or 100 sexual partners, it’s still her own business, and it’s also her choice whether she chooses to disclose the exact number or not. 

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Moreover, though her online persona appears to be overtly sexual that doesn’t mean she’s the same way in her personal life.

Sadly, female content creators face such comments often, which perpetuates the stigma around women’s sexuality.

To make sure you stay STD-free or get the right treatment if you’ve got one, make sure to follow these six tips

She never lied about being married she just never mentioned it. I don’t get why people think that just because they’re famous they’re not entitled to have a personal life that people don’t know about.

— Topher (@AudiaJoseph) January 18, 2023

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