Drew & Jonathan Scott Uncover First-Ever ‘Property Brothers’ Episode: ‘So Awful’

More than a decade after becoming huge HGTV stars, Drew and Jonathan Scott dug into their archives to uncover the very first episode they filmed of their original hit show, “Property Brothers,” which first aired in 2011.

In a video posted on April 26, 2024, the twin brothers re-watched the episode in horror, embarrassed by everything from their hairdos to their final home design. But during the amusing trip down “memory lane,” they also provided fascinating tidbits about their journey from being young, aspiring TV personalities to becoming two of the leading producers of lifestyle TV programming, per Variety.

Drew & Jonathan Scott Can’t Get Over Their Hairdos in the First Episode of ‘Property Brothers’

The Scotts, who grew up in Canada, came up with the idea for their first show, “Property Brothers,” as they tried to make ends meet by flipping houses, with Drew working as a realtor and Jonathan as a contractor.

Both were broke at the time, they told the Wall Street Journal in 2023; Drew had racked up deep credit card debt and Jonathan had already declared bankruptcy. But they found a production company willing to film a pilot episode based on their show idea.

In the episode, the Scotts helped a couple in Toronto find a house to renovate with their help since a house with everything they wanted couldn’t be found in an existing home in their price range. HGTV initially turned down the show based on the pilot, but a small Canadian cable network called W picked it up in 2010, per the WSJ.

“They ended up burying it into the season six or seven episodes in because they figured if this was the first episode the air the show would be canceled,” Drew said as they watched it.

“We look so weird,” Jonathan said, and  Drew groaned about their “terrible hair choices.”

In the original episode, Jonathan sported a shaggy haircut with “frosted tips,” which he explained away as being a popular look at the time. But neither brother could get over Drew’s mane, which Jonathan said looked like he was wearing a hair “helmet.”

“The producer really wanted this Robert Pattinson fancy hair and at the end of the day, it looked terrible,” Drew recalled. “I think she got fired for it.”

“The helmet is so much wider and bigger than my head,” he later lamented about his hairdo. “When you have such a skinny face like I had, you don’t want hair that’s that bulbous. It literally looks like a wig.”

Jonathan then jokingly asked, “When you were sitting on that chair at that point 13 years ago, did you ever think that you would ever have a date?”

Drew, who married Linda Phan in 2018, quipped, “I wasn’t too sure. I’m glad that I met Linda early on because you know she saw me for me not my hair.”

Jonathan later hypothesized that maybe their odd hair was actually the selling point of their show, joking, “Do you think if we had normal haircuts, the show would not have been successful? Because maybe people were like, ‘We gotta watch this because these dudes look so weird!’”

Drew and Jonathan Scott Note How Their Shows Have Changed Over the Years

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The Scott brothers’ hairdos aren’t the only thing that’s changed over the years. They also noted that while they went along with doing scripted segments early on, now they’re committed to showing up authentically and unscripted.

“You know we had a bit of a jitters we were a little bit nervous because we’ve never done hosting or TV like this before,” Drew said as they re-watched their first episode. “We’d done some small acting gigs in the past. But we want to make sure we did a good job. Well, in the beginning they had us being very staged, like, “Hello, welcome to this house, we are the ‘Property Brothers’ and it was so awful.”

Eventually, they were able to show their personalities more in subsequent episodes and seasons.

“When we started the show, it was so bad, because we were trying to be what we thought a host should be,” Jonathan told Variety in 2022. “When ‘Property Brothers’ hit, it was the time we were finally like, you know what, we’re not going to pretend to be something else anymore, we’re going to be who we are.”

The brothers’ design aesthetic has also improved, they said as they watched the renovated home reveal on their first episode, nitpicking many of their early decor choices.

“That’s a very early 2000s color palette,” Jonathan pointed out. “I feel that a lot of designs nowadays are a little bit brighter. What were we thinking?”

Noting that they also didn’t like the kitchen backsplash they chose, Drew said, “It’s super dated. I mean, we’ve grown over the years, too. We’ve been designing for 20 plus years, but you know, times change, style changes in your hair, clothes and houses.”

After the original “Property Brothers” debuted in Canada in 2011, the Seotts created their own production company so they would have more creative control, per The Hollywood Reporter. When they debuted on HGTV in 2014, the show was an instant hit and the twins have been staples on the network ever since.

Drew and Jonathan, who turned 46 on April 28, will appear next on their newest HGTV show, “Backed By the Bros,” premiering on June 5.

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