Erin Napier Selling Her Custom Artwork From Latest ‘Home Town’ Episode

HGTV’s “Home Town” star Erin Napier has always been artistic, and now she is giving fans a chance to take home one of her original works of art. In the April 28 episode of “Home Town”, Erin and her husband Ben Napier worked on a home for Shelley Jones, a Laurel native who is one of seven daughters, and finally saved enough money to purchase her first home. Not only do the Napiers know Shelley from growing up in Laurel, but they also work closely with her sister Laura, a fellow artist.

In an April 29 Instagram post, Erin shared the finished project of her and Laura’s handiwork during the episode. “A limited number of prints of the original acrylic paintings from last night’s #HGTVHomeTown by Laura Jones (Diptych II) and Erin Napier (Diptych I) are for sale now at the link in my profile. 🍎 🍷,” Erin captioned her post.

Prints of both Erin and Laura’s artwork are available for purchase on the Napiers’ Laurel Mercantile online shop.

Fans React to Erin’s Work of Art

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“Home Town” fans shared their reactions to Erin and Laura’s artwork and the Napiers’ renovation work for Shelley.

“Loved that idea when I saw the two of you do it! I’m gonna have to try it…maybe with my granddaughter!!” one fan wrote, referring to Erin and Laura’s method of sketching one still life together and then ripping the paper in half to each only paint one side of the scene.

“I admittedly did not pick up what you were laying down when you were describing the painting & thought it would be weird…but WOW! So beautiful & creative & perfect for the space. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️,” another fan added.

“I just love how you bring color and life. And feeling into every home, unlike the blah. Generic gray and white everybody’s doing,” another fan wrote. Erin has always enjoyed splashing colors generously (yet tastefully) around a space. In a 2021 blog post, she shared some of her favorite paint colors, and gave a special shoutout to her all-time favorite shade of white, Sherwin-Williams Dover White.

“My all-time favorite white, forever and always, to the point my design team just defaults to it when they aren’t able to get a quick decision from me in a pinch, the color I’ve painted almost every room in my own home. It makes any room feel warm and crisp,” Erin wrote of the neutral color choice.

Laura Jones Works For Erin & Ben Napier

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In an April 28 post prior to the episode, Erin explained her and Ben’s relationship with Laura, writing, “I’m excited for y’all to meet @laurajonesclub — our guest artist of the night who happens to be Shelley’s sister and our dear friend / aunt Laura / executive assistant.”

On her own account, Laura has shared multiple updates about her work with the Napiers, including a February 25 post filled with photos and videos from Sebring, Florida, where the couple is currently filming season 3 of “Home Town Takeover”.

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