“Is Britney Spears actually ‘going broke’ or is she just overspending?” links

Is Britney Spears genuinely in danger of “going broke”? It sounds like she’s overspending, for sure, but I don’t know about “going broke.” [Socialite Life]
The first trailer for Mufasa: The Lion King. [LaineyGossip]
Kim Kardashian shared a throwback pic with Karlie Kloss. [Hollywood Life]
Of all the pasta options, I almost never choose ravioli. This is one of the reasons why – I feel like I’m getting more food with other dishes. [Jezebel]
Cillian Murphy sort of dissed Red Eye, one of his best films?? [Pajiba]
Industry secrets kept from customers. [Buzzfeed]
Martin Freeman talks about the problematic “age gap” in his new film and he sort of makes it worse by bringing up the Holocaust. [JustJared]
Creepy AI pics of Ronald McDonald. [OMG Blog]
John Mellencamp’s toilet selfie. [Seriously OMG]
Jennifer Connelly wore Louis Vuitton to the Dark Matter premiere. [RCFA]

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