Kali Uchis – Red Moon In Venus review: Erotic without veering into the sleazy

This is an exquisitely furnished boudoir of an album, all silk sheets, soft drapes, orchid petals and scented candles. Sumptuous, but never gaudy.

Kali Uchis, native of Virginia, of part-Colombian heritage, has made her name crossing back and forth between Anglo and Latino pop.

Her previous album, Sin Miedo (‘Without Fear’), was a Spanish-language record that lived up to its title: it was both bold and delectable.

For her third LP, she’s gone back to English, chiefly, and somehow manages to make it sound more sensual than the Spanish did.

Red Moon In Venus is a concept album of sorts. Not exactly a relationship/break-up album, although it describes that arc.

It’s more an album about immersion in love. It is erotic without ever veering into the sleazy, a balancing act of no small delicacy.

Red Moon In Venus is the third LP from Kali (Picture: Kali Uchis)

Even when Uchis talks – or rather, croons – dirty, or embarks upon reproaches and clapbacks, the words seem to flutter past on butterfly wings.

Uchis favours a featherlight hybrid of R&B and neo-soul, which you might take for retro were it for not for a few discreet contemporary touches.

It’s both frictionless and hookless. You’d struggle to hum so much as a bar of it once it’s over. Yet while it’s playing it holds your attention. It is, in more than one meaning of the word, sensational.

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