Prince Harry will attend the Invictus service in London on May 8th

Back in February, The Times of London seemingly broke the story that there would be a church service for the tenth anniversary of the first Invictus Games. The news came from a royal reporter and it was full of speculation about how the royal family would react to Harry returning for the service, and how they’ve always supported Invictus (bullsh-t) and how the British government is desperately trying to win a bid to host another Invictus Games. In recent months, there’s been additional speculation, and last week, “sources” claimed that Harry probably wouldn’t fly into the UK but he would send a note or a video or something. Which I thought sounded great – I worry about Harry’s safety whenever he’s in the UK because there a lot of people trying to hurt him. Well, maybe his dogsh-t father promised him temporary security or something, because it turns out that Harry will go to this fakakta service.

The Invictus Games Foundation will celebrate 10 years of changing lives and saving lives with a ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8th.

We will be joined by our Patron, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, actor Damian Lewis and members of the worldwide…

— Invictus Games Foundation (@WeAreInvictus) April 28, 2024

It’s nice that Damian Lewis is going too. Damian is well-liked by the veteran community, especially because of Band of Brothers (one of the best miniseries of all time). Damian will recite the Invictus poem at the service, and the author of the poem, William Henley, has a memorial bust at St. Paul’s Cathedral. People Mag also says that the service will be attended by Invictus veterans from around the world. Harry is set to give a reading too. I honestly hoped that Harry would skip, but here we are. It doesn’t sound like Meghan will join him, lol.

Meanwhile, that lunatic Angela Levin claimed that Invictus had decided to dump Harry and “appoint” Mike Tindall as a patron. Levin’s source is one of the voices in her head. Now, that being said, I’m absolutely positive that the Windsors are trying to pull some bullsh-t with Invictus and that could be why Harry is going to this service. Anyway, I hope Harry is in and out of that country in like 12 hours.

PS… Hours after Harry’s visit was announced, the Nigerian government confirmed that Harry and Meghan will make an official visit to the country, likely just days after Harry’s appearance in London. I’m doing a separate post about that!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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