35 weird but useful things we bought using Amazon Prime


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Amazon is home to a catalog of millions of products. With Amazon Prime, you can get many of them in just two days, sometimes less.
We polled our colleagues at Business Insider to find the weirdest yet most useful products they’ve ever purchased with Prime.
From practical home goods to funky gadgets, here are the 35 random products Business Insider employees have purchased with Prime.

Amazon is called “The Everything Store” for good reason: We use it for everything.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, whatever we order, we never have to wait longer than two days for it to arrive at our door. Sometimes our items even show up the same day.

But with great purchasing power comes some unusual choices.

I asked my Business Insider colleagues to share the best things they’ve bought on a whim using Amazon Prime, and I got some interesting responses. From the practical (hangers) to the nostalgic (a box of Rice Krispies cereal), to the strangely unique (a nose flute), Amazon is home to a variety of random products.

Given the random nature of these picks, we’ve decided to keep everyone anonymous. Responses have been lightly edited for grammar and length.

Check out 35 of our favorite weird but great Amazon Prime buys below:

A cat condo

Catty Stacks Modular Cat Condo, $29.92

Have a cat? Do yourself a favor and buy them a couple of these stackable boxes and tunnels. We’ve dubbed our setup “Box City” and it’s our cat Lady’s favorite place to nap and play! For cardboard, they’ve held up impressively well since we bought them six months ago.

Mop slippers

Selric Bear Mop Slippers, $11.99

From a treadmill to fake plants to books, I buy everything on Amazon. But the best thing I’ve ever bought would have to be these adorable Microfiber Mop Slippers. They clean my hardwood floors while I run around the apartment. Also my feet get really hot in shoes so I like that they’re a flip flop style so my toes can breathe. And, they’re and washable!

A box of cereal

Rice Krispies Cereal (18 oz box), $12.34

It turns out my favorite childhood cereal is still available to buy on Amazon. I was so excited that I bought four boxes. Best 2 a.m. purchase ever!

A pizza steel

The Original Baking Steel, $79

I bought two pizza steels while at dinner once. I only meant to buy one, but they were both there before I got back to my house the next day.

A gas detector

Techamor Portable Natural Gas Detector, $29.99 (currently unavailable)

Gas leaks are no joke, so when I thought I had one in my apartment I bought this portable detector. I was able to pinpoint the source of the leak so that I could alert my management company and get it fixed.

A funny mug

Boston Warehouse Udderly Cows Mug, $8.55 (plus $5.95 shipping charge)

My partner accidentally broke my cow …read more

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