4 major changes to apartment buildings from the pandemic, according to a 30-year architecture veteran


Architects are designing multifamily dwellings for the post-pandemic age.
One of them is 30-year industry veteran Vickie Alani, a principal at Boston-based architecture firm CBT, ranked one of the city’s top three design firms per the Boston Business Journal, employing over 200 design professionals and boasting the same number of awards.
Alani says multifamily developers and investors need to keep in mind safety and a higher quality of life as they envision the future of their projects.
New floorplans, sanitation systems, work-from-home alcoves, and alternative ground floor activations are some of the new changes Alani’s firm is making to multi-family building plans as they develop for the post-pandemic world.
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Architects are already designing for a post-pandemic way of life.

One of them is Vickie Alani, a principal at Boston-based architecture firm CBT, one of the city’s top design firms.

A specialist in multi-family residential and hospitality design who boasts a 30-year record in architecture, Alani said the industry is changing, and she sees a place for multifamily despite the soaring demand for single-family residences during the pandemic.

As the US starts to open back up, Alani said multi-family demand is still there, just not at its pre-pandemic level.

“The developers who decide to make the changes we’re proposing will see increased interest from prospective residents,” Alani predicted, adding that many of the changes “are not extraordinary — some of the alterations, in fact, are quite modest.”

New buildings that understand and are responsive to residents’ new lifestyle behaviors will undoubtedly be more desirable, she said, and owners of older buildings will need to make changes to update their properties if they want to compete on rent and sale prices.

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“No matter their location, every renter has experienced this pandemic and its impact on their home,” Alani said. “Everyone has felt the constraints of their buildings on their sense of freedom and well-being. They will not soon forget the fundamental challenges of their spaces and how they have or have not shaped a sense of convenience and comfort.”

Alani said prospective renters want responsiveness from building owners now, and it seems new accommodations can’t come soon enough.

She shared the four major changes to building plans that are completely overhauling multi-family design, and what you should keep in mind if you’re planning to rent, develop, or invest.

1. Floorplans for doubling the size of personal package and take-out delivery rooms

“Because they can’t leave home, many residents are ordering more packages from online retailers and takeout,” Alani said. “In many cases, residents are letting packages lie for a few days and opening them outside of their units for sanitation purposes.”

Package delivery rooms typically have a substantial locker area. By removing some lockers and doubling the square footage of the room, building owners can increase the functionality of these spaces by installing sanitation stations that have a sink, wipes and antibacterial sprays, and more options for disposing of recycling and trash. Designating space for sanitation and disposal helps residents maintain the …read more

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