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GettyOlympic snowboarder Ben Ferguson.

Ben Ferguson is an American snowboarder competing in the halfpipe for Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Ferguson, 23, of Bend, Oregon, made his Olympic debut at this year’s games. Ferguson qualified in fourth place with a score of 91, behind Japan’s Ayumu Hirano (92.25), Australia’s Scotty James (96.75) and American legend Shaun White (98.50). The scores will reset for the finals. Ferguson’s other two American teammates, Chase Josey, who placed seventh in qualifying, and Jake Pates, who finished in eighth, will also be among the 12 snowboarders competing for a medal.

“It was a pretty strong level of riding today. Dudes were throwing down and doing some good stuff for sure,” Ferguson told USA Today after qualifying. “There’s a level of nerves flying around up there. This is a big old show. Dudes are definitely a little stressed out and want to put down runs. The nerves were hitting me for sure. It was good to put one down. I think tomorrow the level will be elevated a little bit. You’ll see the gnarlier tricks come out and probably people will be going higher as well.”

Here’s what you need to know about Ben Ferguson:

1. Ben Ferguson’s Family Moved From Indiana to Oregon When He Was a Kid & He Began Snowboarding When He Was 6, Entering His First Contest 2 Years Later

Ben Ferguson.

Ben Ferguson was born in Indiana and moved to Bend, Oregon, when he was young, according to He began snowboarding when he was 6, riding on Mt. Bachelor with his brother, Gabe Ferguson, who is also a member of the U.S. Snowboard Team.

“It was pretty wild. The thing was big. I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was exciting and intimidating at the same time,” he told The Bend Bulletin about his time snowboarding as a kid on Mt. Bachelor. “I spent a lot of time up there for sure. I have a lot of good memories. Mainly just the free-ride days, riding the mountain and having fun with boarding. That really taught me how to be a real snowboarder and use the board the way you’re supposed to — taught me how to use my edges.”

Ben Ferguson entered his first snowboarding competition, in slopestyle, when he was only 8, according to NBC Olympics. A few years later he joined Burton Snowboards’ junior team after putting together a “sponsor me” video and uploading it to YouTube.

Ferguson is the son of Branden and Jennifer Ferguson, according to his bio on Team USA’s website. He has two younger brothers, Gabe and Zach.

Ferguson’s father, Branden, is also a snowboarder.

“His father’s passion for riding was what got him out on the snow, and Ferguson was six years old when he first strapped into a snowboard,” according to U.S. Ski and Snowboard. “A sticker on the front of his board showed him which side was supposed to face downhill and, after some …read more



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