Brooklinen’s linen bed sheets are not as soft as cotton or percale, but they’re much more breathable — and they’re 10% off right now

brooklinen linen sheets

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Brooklinen’s linen bed sheets are made out of high-quality Belgian and French flax fibers.
The sheets are available in 10 different colors and patterns, and prices start at $259 for a Full sheet set. Unfortunately, there are no linen sets for Twin beds.

They’re not as soft as the sateen sheets and will naturally look more wrinkly than Classic Percale and Heathered Cashmere as those are characteristics of the material, but they’re also really breathable and perfect for anyone who sleeps hot. 

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According to a recent survey conducted by the Sleep Foundation, about 85% of people said that having comfortable sheets and bedding are important in getting a good night’s sleep. Additionally, nearly 70% pointed out that bedroom temperature is also important — something many of us find a little difficult to manage in the summer when our bedrooms are scorching hot. 

That being established, the sheets that keep you all warm and snuggly during the winter months probably aren’t going to do you any favors during a heatwave. If you want to get a good night’s sleep in the summer without blasting the AC, consider investing in a set of Brooklinen Linen Sheets.

What to expect from Brooklinen’s linen sheets

In case you’re in the dark about one of our favorite bedding brands, here’s the backstory. The five-year-old company launched in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter, and offers high-quality, beautiful sheets at reasonable prices, including ones made from soft cashmere and linen. 

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I knew linen is breathable and appropriate for sweaty summer nights, so I tested the Brooklinen Linen Hardcore Bundle and I wasn’t disappointed.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you receive a set of sheets from Brooklinen is the really nice packaging. Each set comes neatly folded in a fabric bag, which is a nice touch and a convenient way to store the sheets, but there’s even more attention to detail with the sheets themselves. 

For instance, each fitted sheet has labels identifying the “short” and “long” side, so it’s super easy to make your bed correctly every time. Each duvet cover also includes interior corner ties to keep your comforter from sliding around, and big, sturdy closure buttons that won’t fall off in the wash. It’s those little things that make me a repeat customer.

As far as the material, I instantly fell in love with it. They aren’t soft and silky like Brooklinen’s other sheets but have a bit more texture to them. To me, there is something incredibly luxurious yet earthy …read more

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