Ex-Trump National Security Official Urges Israel To Invade Rafah, “Finish the Job”

Retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg suggested on Fox News this week that “riot control” should be used by police to “handle” the pro-Palestinian student encampment at Columbia University in New York City.

Kellogg offered his solution to the Columbia encampment, suggesting: “How this can actually get solved in a hurry is, I would pick up the phone and call — Biden won’t do it — but I’d pick up the phone and call Netanyahu and say go into Rafah, finish the job, do it complete, make this the end of the beginning and then go back and start figuring out how to handle Gaza because as long as this conflict goes on you’re gonna see these kind of demonstrations.”

President Biden has warned Israel against an invasion in Rafah, a Palestinian city in the southern Gaza Strip. Biden said such an invasion without a credible plan to protect civilians would be a “red line” for his administration.

Gen. Keith Kellogg (Ret.) tells Fox News that the campus anti-war protests can “be solved in a hurry” if Biden picks up the phone and tells Israel to “go into Rafah and finish the job” and make it “the end of the beginning” before “figuring out how to get a handle on Gaza.” pic.twitter.com/EoKm1vgXF5

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) April 29, 2024

Note: Kellogg, who was the National Security Advisor to Vice President Mike Pence (2018 to 2021) and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council (2017-2018), was with former President Donald Trump in the White House when the January 6 attack on the Capitol occurred.

Kellogg testified to the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack that he had advised Trump to call an end to the violence, as did his Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Kellogg also urged Trump to resist holding a press conference on January 6 because during his four years in the Trump administration, “there wasn’t a single clean press conference that we had.”

Kellogg testified that White House advisors were concerned that “a live appearance by the president at the microphones at that moment could actually make matters worse.”

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