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Solar’s decline arguesagainst private utilities

Re: “No, the rooftop solar market isn’t dying” (Page A9, April 28).

The author of this article, a board member on the California Independent System Operator, manages to lay the blame on “privileged” residents under NEM 2.0 who benefit while hurting poorer people. He claims the change to NEM 3.0 is to make the prices more equitable.

It seems more likely that the real reason for the NEM 3.0 major reduction in compensation for solar energy exports from homeowner systems is that solar production is “lumpy” and the utilities haven’t invested their huge profits in storage, they waste it and don’t make money selling it.

It seems to me that a more equitable solution would be to subsidize homeowners to pair batteries with their solar panels. This is yet another example of why public utilities should be owned and operated by a public entity.

Denise ClarkFremont

Climate change ispublic health crisis

As a public health nurse and Oakland mom, I’m alarmed by the link between climate change and the intensified 2021 heat dome.

This isn’t just about discomfort; it’s a health emergency. In urban areas like mine, vulnerable populations lack resources to combat extreme heat, worsening health disparities. The wildfires exacerbated by heatwaves further endanger public health.

We need robust public health strategies to address climate change’s immediacy. Action plans are crucial to protect our communities, especially children, the elderly, and those with chronic health issues. Health care workers and citizens must advocate for aggressive climate action and build a more resilient city to safeguard public health and our children’s future.

Nkasi ChikereOakland

Communication keyto Vision 980’s success

As the Vision 980 project progresses into phases to determine the developmental framework and infrastructure for reconstructing Interstate 980, voices from the community need to be prioritized in addressing any concerns.

As community members living in the west and downtown region of Oakland continue to face environmental injustice throughout generations, collaboration efforts should ensure this is indeed addressed. Community members still suffer from air pollution from transportation, commercialized businesses and local ports. Health disparities and equity have continuously sustained consequences within the community. Active engagement among local community members allows a form of transparency that relays issues or concerns that may lead to drastic changes.

Whether through community meetings or door-to-door interaction, the need for members to understand the possible forcible future can leave a lasting impact in addressing drastic change and complex decision-making for community members.

Daniel KifleCastro Valley

Don’t pour salt inA’s workers’ wounds

If any baseball fans are attending an A’s game this year please do not ask employees if they are going to Sacramento or Las Vegas.

This is because no employees are given the opportunity to move with the team. Only ownership and upper management can do that. Asking this question is pouring salt on an open wound.

Jim SartorBay Point

Hamas surrender wouldend Gaza carnage

Re: “U.S. must not back Israel’s misdeeds” (Page A6, April 26).

The Hamas apologists would like us to forget that this war started with Hamas fighters murdering and kidnapping Israeli civilians in their homes and at a public music festival.

They would like us to forget that Hamas fighters work out of public institutions and use Gaza civilians as shields against Israeli response.

They would especially like us to forget that Hamas always had it in their power to end the “genocide” in Gaza. If the protesters want to help the civilians in Gaza, they must encourage Hamas to end the war.

Patricia CoffeyOrinda

Press is playing rolein Trump’s notoriety

Is the press the problem?

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For months in 2016, the press claimed Hilary Clinton would win the election. True. She won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. She didn’t run off like a whiny, sniveling sore loser constantly crying, “Oh woe is me,” as Mr. Trump has done during the past four years.

His lies continue to grow but the press keeps reporting them. I guess “if it bleeds it leads.” As long as the press reports his ramblings, he’ll continue to lie, cheat, bully and steal his way into office.

He’s a disgraceful example of adulthood and behaves like one spoiled rotten, bullying brat. If he were Pinocchio he’d never be able to enter a room. His nose would be too long.

Betsy SargentAlamo

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