Luke Getsy defends the Chicago Bears’ run-pass balance and the failed 4th-and-1 play call: ‘It’s about giving us the best chance to win’

The comparisons were all over social media this week.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has 28 pass attempts in two games this season.

Every other team in the league has at least 28 completions and 52 attempts. New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco has 103 pass attempts. Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp has been targeted more times (29) than Fields has attempted a pass. And on and on.

The Bears’ measly passing-game numbers, which total 15 completions and 191 yards, have dominated talk at Halas Hall in the lead-up to Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans at Soldier Field, with coach Matt Eberflus saying the Bears need to strive for a better balance in the running and passing games.

Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy understands it: “I love to throw because I’m a quarterback guy, right?”

And surely Getsy knows Fields needs to throw to develop in his second season. But Getsy also believes in following a plan tailored to what a defense is presenting them.

“I truly believe in evaluating the matchups each week and saying, ‘OK, here’s where we have the advantages. Here’s where our disadvantages are,’ ” Getsy said. “If it’s 50 throws, 50 runs, I don’t really care. It’s about winning. It’s about giving us the best chance to win.”

During his weekly availability Thursday in Lake Forest, Getsy pointed more to execution from players and coaches as the problem over the balance of run and pass calls. In reality, Getsy noted, the numbers don’t paint the full picture of the first two games.

Fields attempted 17 passes in a rainy, sloppy win over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 1. And in the 27-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers, the Bears had only 41 plays, of which Getsy said 19 or 20 were pass plays. Fields had 11 pass attempts, was sacked three times and ran on a few other pass plays, including his 3-yard touchdown run.

And the Bears were gashing the Packers defense in the running game in the second half, including totaling 103 rushing yards on a drive in which they didn’t score in the fourth quarter. Getsy said the Packers were intent on not letting Fields get outside the pocket.

“Whatever the defense presents to us, that’s what we’ve got to be able to do,” Getsy said. “And I believe we can do that. Each week, different personalities of defensive coordinators present different things. Last week, I was around it for a long time (in Green Bay), they build that shell and they don’t let you get behind them. We were able to get behind them, and that’s where we’ve got to take advantage of those couple of opportunities that we did have.

“We didn’t execute in those situations and take advantage of those certain opportunities. When you play those types of styles of defenses, you’re not getting many shots. You’d better hit it when you can, and we didn’t do that. So we’ve got to do a better job of that.”

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Source:: The Mercury News


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