Nazi mystery as 5 skeletons with hands & feet missing discovered at ‘Wolf’s Lair’ home of Hitler crony Hermann Göring

CREEPY skeletal remains with missing limbs have been found in “Wolf’s Lair” which was once home to a top Hitler crony.

German and Polish archaeologists made the chilling discovery while digging the home of Herman Göring- one of the most powerful figures in the Nazi Party who was convicted of brutal war crimes.

Jens Hfalek/Relikte der GeschichteCreepy skeletons have been found at the home of a powerful Nazi figure[/caption]

You Tube/Piotrek Fundacja LatebraSkeletons in the Göring House have no hands or feet[/caption]

AlamyWolf’s Lair was the former war headquarters of Adolf Hitler as well as Göring’s house[/caption]

AlamyTop Hitler crony Hermann Göring pictured in 1940[/caption]

The five skeletons were found inside a maze of bunkers and ruins which served as the forest headquarters for Adolf Hitler’s inner circle.

Archaeologists said they went to investigate the abandoned site in search of some building materials but instead ended up making a horror discovery.

Beneath the wooden floor in Göring’s house, they first found the remains of a human skull.

Shocked by the find, they started digging further, only to find five skeletons: three adults, a teenager and a baby.

Oddly, all five bodies were missing their hands and their feet – and no traces of clothes or jewellery were found, suggesting the victims’ bodies were stripped before burial.

Describing the skeletons, excavator Piotrek Banaszkiewicz said that the first set of the skeleton was severely deformed: the spine was curved, and the distorted skull was without a visible eye socket and a displaced jaw

“The jawbone of the skull had worn-down teeth, indicating an elderly person,” he added.

Oktavian Bartoszewski, one of the researchers working at the site, said his team was “completely shocked” after seeing the skeletal.

He also claimed the bodies were buried after the house had been built as the remains were located beneath some pipes.

He told Der Spiegel: “Those who laid the pipes should have discovered the human remains. We were completely shocked.”

You Tube/Piotrek Fundacja LatebraMore remains found under the Nazi HQ[/caption]

You Tube/Piotrek Fundacja LatebraPolice working to uncover the mystery bodies[/caption]

This also suggests that Göring may have known about the buried dead bodies.

Polish cops said they found no evidence of a recent crime, fueling the suspicion that these bodies could date back to World War Two.

Prosecutors are now set to launch a probe investigating if the bodies found were those of victims of Nazi war crimes.

The discovery of the bones in Göring’s home is potentially the most chilling to have been made since the site was turned into a morbid tourist attraction in 1959. 

Located in today’s Poland, the “Wolf’s Lair” used to be a sprawling 618-acre complex used by Hitler’s inner circle as a secret Nazi headquarter.

Hitler even used it as his part-time base from 1941 to 1943 which helped him to launch his Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union – Operation Barbarossa.

Who was Hermann Göring?

BELEIVED to be one of the most powewrful people in Nazi Germany, Göring was the second in comand to Hitler.

He was a veteran World War One pilot ace and was supposed to be the next Nazi chief.

Göring had met Hitler in 1921 before joining his Nazi Party a year later – and was given command of Storm Troopers.

Eventually, he became one of the most popular leaders, not just within Germany, but also in other countries.

Responsible for some of history’s most heinous crimes against humanity, Göring was the second highest-ranking official tried at Nuremberg for waging war of aggression and severe war crimes.

He was the one behind setting up the cruel concentration camps which led to the mass genocide of Jewish people.

Göring was sentenced to hanging in 1946, but he committed suicide by ingesting cyanide while waiting to be executed.

AlamyAdolf Hitler receives Hermann Goring at the Wolf’s Lair in 1941[/caption]

AlamyGöring seen with Adolf Hitler at the Obersalzberg, one of Hitler’s well-known residences[/caption]

AlamyGöring at theInternational Military Tribunal during the 1946 Nuremberg trials[/caption]

AlamyMug shot of leading Nazi Hermann Göring, who was arrested by the allies in May 1945[/caption]

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